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The beauty of fall!

Fall brings to our area so many beautiful textures and colors.  I feel like I’ve nearly missed it.  The Tamaracks have been turning and now as I look at them I can tell they are on the down-side.  Those tiny, yellow needles will fall and will be tracked all over my house until we get that first good snow fall that covers them up for the winter.

Speaking of snow fall…do you see that fresh snow, high on that mountain?

I’ll crop it a bit closer…it will be in my yard before I know it!

I hope that you are enjoying your own blessings of fall!

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Boho Gals…

I regret that I didn’t get a picture of Judy and my mom who took our physical nourishment very seriously. They had to leave before we had our group pictures taken.  😦  They did an absolutely amazing job with our meals and I appreciated having them here so very much.

We had a truly amazing group of gals come together for this event.

It’s so true that I can plan, prepare and do everything I know to do to make an artsy adventure the best it can be, but if the dynamics of the gals just don’t jive then it can all be mediocre.

Since mediocrity is never OK with me…this dynamic is one that I tend to worry over…

This group of gals meshed and mingled like nobodies business…

They laughed and cried together as they shared stories…

They planned future trips and happenings together…

They want to come back….  YAY!

I would take each one of them in a heartbeat….over and over again!

They were a group of gals who knew how to celebrate life and friendship.

These are my words to describe a Bטּhטּ Girl…

•She is a dreamer, willing to take risks and be an adventurer.   •She is unconventionally artistic and she finds herself smiling while she works.  •She enjoys good, healthy food.   •At times she enjoys interaction but on other days prefers her solitude.    **Oh, yes!…She loves Glitter!

I come away {actually, I don’t go anywhere because I have them in my home} from one of these weekends feeling completely inspired and refreshed [and 5 lbs heavier].  It’s hard to explain how this takes place, somehow throughout the course of the weekend it just happens.  It becomes a tremendous blessing to me.  Yes, it is also exhausting but it’s a good exhausting. 

For now, I’m forced to keep these small and intimate.  Because I host them in my home, I’ve come to realize that small is better.  As I anxiously plan for next year, I would love for you to be involved.  If you are interested and want to be on a first-come list then let me know.  I’ll be looking at the same weekends in April and October for next year.  If you have your own group of 6-8 gals who would love to come together I could work with you for your own weekend.  I have lodging right here as well.

Is it time for you to find out if you too are a Bטּhטּ Girl?

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Boho ~ 3 Wishes

Taking a vintage decanter/bottle and sprinkling a handful of pearls with some meaningful words or 3 Wishes is another workshop that brings smiles.

This workshop, also taught by Becky and Holly, compliments the crown workshop so well because so many of the same components are used.

Sweet Joys!

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Boho ~ Crowns…

It seems that any time you pull together vintage papers, jewelry, miscellaneous finds and combine it with German Glass Glitter, the outcome shall indeed be glorious.

The crown workshop is often one where gals think, “I don’t know if I’ll be crazy about that workshop…what will I do with a silly, foofy crown???”

It generally turns into one of the favorite workshops.

Maybe it’s because I put Holly and Becky of All That Glitter in charge!  There aren’t two more capable gals. Not only do they REALLY love and know what they are doing but they add a bit of fun and elegance just by walking through the door.  {Ahhhh….}

Laying the foundational pieces…

The amount of creativity and imagination that runs through this class is nothing less than inspiring!

Susanne and Elaine are laughing it up…

It’s always so great to hear the interaction, conversations and laughter that go on as women create.

This crown, made by Stacy, was designed to be a Happy Birthday crown…it will make a regular appearance on those special occasions, possibly having some fun elements added here and there as the years go on…

Thank you, Becky and Holly, for adding a spark of glitter, elegance, inspiration and friendship!

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Boho ~ Soldering Fun…

After we finished the handmade journals we jumped right into soldering.

I’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t really anything easy about soldering.  It’s challenging and it takes practice, practice and more practice but it was exciting to see these gals bravely step up to the challenge.  Most of them grew to really enjoy it.

After designing and soldering a charm we moved into designing a collaged, 4×6 piece that we topped with bevel glass and finished with a soldered edge.  It was then hung in a barn board frame and backed with {genuine vintage} rusty chicken wire.

There is often something so amusing about working our way through the eclectic variety of vintage papers.

Words and sayings and titles of songs were often very different than what we would hear today.

“Love Is A Bauble” {???}   really?  I’m not so sure that song would make the top 10 {or 100} today.

I’m am sincerely coming down off of my weekend ‘high’…I’m exhausted but I’m also excited to continue sharing the details.

Thanks for stopping by day after day…I LOVE the encouragement that so many of you offer here!

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Boho ~ Quick post

I’ll just share a few pictures here {I miss my photographer at this retreat}.

I’ll post more {and better} later…   😉

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Boho Fun…

We had a great {first} day at our Boho Art Retreat.

We had a journal workshop where gals constructed a journal from blank pieces of paper.

Some took advantage of sewing fun elements to the pages before assembling.

Last night we learned basic soldering then relaxed with a homemade marshmallow and a camp fire.

Today we will hit soldering head on and work on a couple of projects.

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This past week everything I’ve done has had something to do with my preparations for this weekend’s art retreat.

It really does become all-consuming but each part of it is so enjoyable.

If was fun to make these folders for each gal out of pages from and old photograph album and then fill them with fun vintage papers.

It’s all very exciting and fun.

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Ruffles & Rust…

360 yards of crinkley vintagey fun…

Are you busy next weekend?

I’m having my next art retreat out here at my place {and I still have one or two spots open} but if YOU aren’t busy I would HIGHLY recommend this amazing show that will be showing off the best of the Best VENDORS in the Pacific Northwest {and beyond}.

Timi {show owner/operator} has been encouraging me to be in two places at once so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’ll have my wares for sale in her booth and I’ll be hosting another group of happy, creative gals retreating at my place {btw…my date was set first and I don’t let Timi forget it!}.

Please go to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA {my old stomping grounds…worked there for 12 yrs}, tell Timi ‘HI’ for me and have FUN ol’ time rummaging through the Ruffles & Rust.

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Another phase…

I love it when life takes us in different directions.

I guess I can say that, because for me, those directions have always taken me to a new place…a better place…

I’m so excited to share with you that our kids are going to have a baby…in May.

Oh, my…just seeing those words and writing them brings tears to my eyes.  We are doubly blessed that they live just under two hours from us!

She looks pretty good, doesn’t she?   [w/my nephew, Joel]

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