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TCC ~ continued…

What are some of the household names in your home?

I’m pretty sure that with a vast variety of interests at play each one of us would have a completely different list.

If I were to mention a couple of gals at the top of my list, some of you wouldn’t even know who they are.

As I’ve mentioned throughout this week, I am enjoying a wonderful time in Minneapolis.  It’s a week that is so packed with creativity it hits you {literally} at every turn.

This event peaked for me this evening as I enjoyed a marvelous meal, surrounded by some amazing and wonderful gals and I listened to two of my favorite {famous} people…MaryJane Butters & Amy Butler.  These are two women that I have admired greatly for many years…so please indulge me here.

As I listened to these two women tell their stories tonight, I became nearly overwhelmed.

Me, MaryJane, Meg...thanks MissA for the picture!

I’ve so enjoyed working with MaryJane over the past year with some of her splendid charm ideas and this week I feel like we’ve culminated this working relationship as I’ve been able to help her and her daughter, Meg, with their booth at The Creative Connection.  These are two dear ladies!!!  MaryJane did such an eloquent job delivering her speech tonight to 400+ women who were eager to hear some encouraging words from this grassroots entrepreneur.

Over the past several years I have grown to love {yes LOVE} Amy Butler as I’ve witnessed her amazing creative talent through fabric and pattern design.  This was my first opportunity to meet her so I gave in to that compelling notion to pose with her for a picture.  What a gracious gal she is…truly gracious.  As I listened to her speak tonight my admiration for her grew…and I even became a bit emotional a few times.  OK…I know…I shouldn’t reveal everything about myself.

My love for this weekend continues to grow as well…I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

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