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Funny girl…I love you!

Such a crazy week of getting MissLiz settled into her new place.  On Thursday, we hit the streets looking for a job {her sis and I were tag-alongs hiding around the corners…}

She went into one store that she called ‘the hippy store’ and she got a part time job.  It really is an up-scale hippy store and quite nice…anyway, as she came out a young man asked if he could take her picture for some street fashion something-or-other…  {really he talked so fast neither one of us heard what he said}.  Liz said ‘sure’…mom said ‘can we see your card?’

He showed his badge…took the picture and we were on our way.

Today a friend Facebooked her saying something about her picture and her hair {last time he saw her she had dreads}.  We Googled and this is what we found at SeattlePI.com.

She’s a funny, sunny girl!

September 4, 2010 Posted by | family | 4 Comments