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Here…you will find a give-a-way!

I love doing give-a-ways and am open to any excuse to do so.

I’ve been doing a give-a-way for every 100th post that I’ve written and my 600th was written while I was in Minneapolis and I was too preoccupied to give it much thought.

It’s {really} not too late so yesterday I decided that a custom charm would be the perfect thing to give-a-way.  I love custom charm orders and I would LOVE to do one for YOU.

Here’s what you need to doLeave a comment with this post and begin dreaming about what kind of charm YOU would want custom made for YOU {or possibly as a gift}

…speaking of gifts

This is the perfect time to begin thinking about your custom charm orders for Christmas.  It is as easy as e-mailing me photos that you want to have framed .

Payment options are: cash, check, Paypal, or credit card.  It’s all so quick, easy, and oh-so-personal not to mention filled-with-love and thoughtfulness!!!

Or…here is another fabulous idea for you.  You could attend my next BoHo Art Retreat – October 21-23 – and learn how to make your very own custom charms {as well as a variety of other fun items}.

$280 includes 2-nights lodging and 3-days worth of meals and whimsical fun!

We had a wagon full of  fun at our last retreat!

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Every Day Is Worthy Of CELEBRATION!

…and other days/occasions demand it!

With MissLiz moving away from home, yesterday we took the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.

Definitely a worthy occasion!

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More TCC Favs…

Yes, folks…this is the gift {The Creative Connection Event} that keeps on giving.

I had a friend ask me on FB this morning if I miss MN.  I said ‘NO’…Honestly I love being HOME…but, once again, I’ll say that I’m so glad that I was able to go and I think about it all the time

{truly, truly, truly… I’m hoping to go again next year}

and I’ll share a few more hi-lights…

We shared one special dinner together {shared about it here…I also added a picture to that post}.  The Lisa Leonard charms were at the table in front of us and these bags, FULL of wonderful STUFF, were hanging on the back of each chair.

There were so many special touches…everywhere…the kind of special touches that gals love most.   {it makes my heart smile just thinking about it}

It was also fun to casually sit at a table with Melody Ross and use her Stamping Set to make this leather cuff.

A}Amber & E}ElaineI just couldn’t resist this shot…and yes, Trisha…I agree that having YOU would have made this moment complete!

So…what can I say…we found a {not-so} suitable substitute.

We had so many silly moments on this tripit’s what happens when you have a roommate that just doesn’t want to go to sleep at night! 😉

Thanks, Amber, for letting me borrow some photos from THIS POST!

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TCC…part 3

There are so many hi-lights to share after attending The Creative Connection last week.  I feel like it’s hard to gather my thoughts {can you relate???} and share the things I think you would like to hear and I really didn’t take many pictures so I’m planning to unabashedly grovel {i.e. beg, borrow and steal from others} to get some pictures to share here.

I shared my favorite hi-light in my last post.  I think that receiving this charm necklace from Lisa Leonard was my 2nd hi-light.  I have admired her charms for a long time and now I am the proud owner of my very own.  This is kind of a big deal for me…since I specialize in customized charms myself, I tend to shy away from wearing someone else’s design but I’m having a hard time even taking this one off.    Thank you Lisa!

I really love the group shots.  We truly had so much fun together.  I was a blast to get to know more gals from WA and N.Idaho.  We do shows together but, let’s face it, when you are ‘doing a show’ there is NO time OR energy to ‘get to know each other’.

This group shot I borrowed from Rolane ~ she posted it  HERE.

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TCC ~ continued…

What are some of the household names in your home?

I’m pretty sure that with a vast variety of interests at play each one of us would have a completely different list.

If I were to mention a couple of gals at the top of my list, some of you wouldn’t even know who they are.

As I’ve mentioned throughout this week, I am enjoying a wonderful time in Minneapolis.  It’s a week that is so packed with creativity it hits you {literally} at every turn.

This event peaked for me this evening as I enjoyed a marvelous meal, surrounded by some amazing and wonderful gals and I listened to two of my favorite {famous} people…MaryJane Butters & Amy Butler.  These are two women that I have admired greatly for many years…so please indulge me here.

As I listened to these two women tell their stories tonight, I became nearly overwhelmed.

Me, MaryJane, Meg...thanks MissA for the picture!

I’ve so enjoyed working with MaryJane over the past year with some of her splendid charm ideas and this week I feel like we’ve culminated this working relationship as I’ve been able to help her and her daughter, Meg, with their booth at The Creative Connection.  These are two dear ladies!!!  MaryJane did such an eloquent job delivering her speech tonight to 400+ women who were eager to hear some encouraging words from this grassroots entrepreneur.

Over the past several years I have grown to love {yes LOVE} Amy Butler as I’ve witnessed her amazing creative talent through fabric and pattern design.  This was my first opportunity to meet her so I gave in to that compelling notion to pose with her for a picture.  What a gracious gal she is…truly gracious.  As I listened to her speak tonight my admiration for her grew…and I even became a bit emotional a few times.  OK…I know…I shouldn’t reveal everything about myself.

My love for this weekend continues to grow as well…I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

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News from TCC…

Here is a ‘check in’ from The Creative Connection in Minneapolis, MN.

It’s 12:50am here right now so I can’t be held {completely} accountable for my actions as I write this…i.e. grammar, spelling, content, etc.

After a full day of  ‘set-up’, the Handmade Market opened up for three hours of business this evening

These first several pictures were taken at the Earth Angel Toy‘s booth.

The selection of Stampington & Co. (a proud sponsor of this event) magazines {my very favorite publication in the whole world}, is VERY impressive…

…I just had to hi-light that issue of Apron*ology…pg. 20 – that’s where you’ll find ME.

These head bands, made by 2 Martins in a Nest, are just adorable…

…just as adorable as the newlywed-couple behind the counter.  A little bird told me that their June wedding will be featured in an upcoming issue of  Where Women Create.

Here’s a picture of my booth…even thought it always tends to look the same – it’s under a different name this time…MaryJanesFarm – I’m looking forward to working with MaryJane and her daughter Meg this weekend.

WOW…what a great representation of creative gals from the Pacific NW (I would say Washington but we have a few friends from N.Idaho) – such amazing gals.  I love calling them my friends.

Now, it’s 1:20am and roommate it soundly sleeping {sorry, no pictures}…I guess I need to move in that direction myself…good night, friends!!!

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The Creative Connection…

handmade extravaganza, and shopping emporium for creative women
and women entrepreneurs. It’s a time to create, learn, shop, share,
connect, inspire, and laugh with friends both old and new. It will give the information,
inspiration, and tools you need as you continue to express your heart
with your hands.
THE CREATIVE CONNECTION is unprecedented! It brings together the worlds of
handmade, business, eCommerce, social media, and technology in a range that covers basic to advanced and
everything in between. You will hear the most popular, influential, inspirational women in their fields; you will shop
for unique handmade works of art in THE HANDMADE MARKET; you will be students of the most creative DIYer’s
in the industry today.
Spend an afternoon luncheon with Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman; meet more than 24 authors who will
personally autograph their latest publications; have dinner with Amy Butler and MaryJane Butters; take classes from
teachers you have always wanted to meet; sit in on panels with well-known women who are the very best and most
experienced in their chosen fields.

I’m so excited about this opportunity that I have to attend this event.   I hope that it is everything they’ve described it to be…t seems as though it was designed just for me.

I’ll catch a plane this morning in Spokane and meet up with friends, Timi and Amber in Seattle ~ then we’ll be on our way…

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slippin’ out…

…for a bit of fun!

It’s fun to just get away and do something different…especially when you get to share it with a good friend.

Diane and I have been friends for about 15 years.  We meet 6 mornings a week at 5:30 and walk 4 miles together.  Because of our busy lives, most weeks, that is the only time we see each other.

She loves country music and Brad Paisley is one of her favorites so last night we went to the BP concert together.  It was fun to eat good food, laugh and enjoy good music together…celebrating friendship all the while…

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I’m ready to move beyond Market Shoppers…I guess I could have explained this in my last post but they are made from large woven-plastic feedsacks.  They are fun and functional and oh, so cute!  I sell them for $28.  Oh, ya…I should mention that they are extremely durable!   did I mention how ‘cute’ they are??? 😉

I’m finishing up the last details on a new batch of them.  Then I’ll bundle them up so they’re ready for their journey to Minneapolis…

Maybe I should sport one of these cuties when I go to the Brad Paisley concert tonight…wearing my new boots!

Now it’s time to get a charmin‘…

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So much to do…

It feels like I’ve been working on these all summer.

I’m finally finishing up a nice-sized batch of these Market Shoppers with the Palouse brand name on them.

These will be perfect for The Creative Connection‘s, Handmade Market.  I’ll be working with MaryJane and in her booth and, she is from The Palouse!  OH, Yay!

There is SO MUCH more to do…it’s a bit overwhelming!

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