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I love summer!

Somehow throughout these months I find myself in a state of relaxed madness {those words probably are an accurate description of my [24/7/12] life}.

As it begins I’m frantically preparing for some of my summer shows as well as the outside work of winter-to-spring clean-up and getting a garden in.

Then I slip into a state of keeping up with ‘it all’ and enjoying life in the country, hosting guests, touching base with my kids as often as I can, and enjoying blue skies and sunshine.

Now, as I feel a subtle turning from summer to fall with a lingering coolness in the morning air and days that gradually are shortening, I find that my mind is settling into some thoughts of creating with colors, textures and mediums.

And that brings a different type of calmness to my spirit!

August 18, 2010 Posted by | life | 3 Comments