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it makes me happy!

My girl, MissLiz, made this sign for us in a shop class at her high school…not this past school year but the one before.   It has completely annoyed her that it sits propped up next to our rock fireplace…month after month, year after year….

I knew where I wanted it to go but I wanted it done right and it…well, just kept sitting in the same place…getting dusty = one annoyed teen.

We hosted a couple of Steve’s this week in one of our cabins.  They were working/volunteering each day at our church, helping with some construction that we have going on.  My job, during this time, was to feed them a ‘hearty’ breakfast and dinner {I love to feed people}.  🙂 They had seen my ‘sign’ and I mentioned how I was hopeful that some day it would be hanging out front.  The next day, after working a long, hard day, they went and bought the lumber, mixed the concrete, had out the level and by dinner time that sign was ready to hang.

I’m hopeful to get a little roof over it before winter to help protect it but it’s so sweet to see it each time I drive up my driveway.  We love it.  Thanks Steve and Steve!

In the second picture you can see how the sign is swinging.  We had such a windy day with a few forest fires not too far away.  The air became heavy with smoke but it made for a beautiful sunset that evening.

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I really am alive and quite well…

I find it hard to know what to say for myself.  I love it when I blog regularly…love it!  It’s become part of a new norm for me and it’s one of the many things that makes me happy.  I’ve never wanted to write posts because I feel like I have to though.  So {I know it’s all too obvious} this summer I just haven’t been very faithful to this sweet, comfy place I’ve carved out for myself.

It’s true to say that I’ve also lacked a certain creativity in my life which is also refreshing to a certain degree and yet frightening for me in another sense.

Today I asked myself, ‘what if it doesn’t come back?’  …really?  what if?

I’m fairly certain it will…it always does.

If it’s gone forever then I’ll just move {without hesitation} into another dream…having my very own milk cow!

I have a lot going on right now.  It’s my wonderful LIFE but if I shared it all in detail I’m quite sure that I would really bore you and possibly even send you away…forever…so I’ll keep it short.  I’m busily making some Market Shoppers for The Creative Connection which is literally right around the corner.

Also, the cuff that I’ve shown photos of here will be going to Ellen.  She loved the last one she saw posted here and made her own special request.  I’ll be honest…I REALLY love these.  I started one for myself but skipped ahead to Ellen’s.

…speaking of Ellen…

I first met Ellen {in person} when she attended my first art retreat last April.  Lovely gal…but I mention it here to say that I have another one coming up, October 21-23,  and I still have a few spots left.  We will have a wonderful time, guaranteed!  Would love to have you join us…

More information HERE!

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a calming affect…

I love summer!

Somehow throughout these months I find myself in a state of relaxed madness {those words probably are an accurate description of my [24/7/12] life}.

As it begins I’m frantically preparing for some of my summer shows as well as the outside work of winter-to-spring clean-up and getting a garden in.

Then I slip into a state of keeping up with ‘it all’ and enjoying life in the country, hosting guests, touching base with my kids as often as I can, and enjoying blue skies and sunshine.

Now, as I feel a subtle turning from summer to fall with a lingering coolness in the morning air and days that gradually are shortening, I find that my mind is settling into some thoughts of creating with colors, textures and mediums.

And that brings a different type of calmness to my spirit!

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My long weekend to the big city was full of grandness.  I loved every minute.

Coming home always brings excitement too.

How fun it was to find a baby chick when I got home yesterday.  My first chick that we’ve hatched-out here.  I’m really not sure what to do with it but I am hoping it will be a her.  Do to the advice of a {motherly} friend, for now I’m letting it hang out with it’s surrogate mom.

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my day…

Today was my day….my birthday.

I was able to spend it with all my kids…in Seattle…and it was perfect!

We crowded onto this beautiful, yellow couch at Anthropologie for a family shot…because Anthro was on mom’s list of want-to’s for her birthday.

It would have been more perfect with Mr T but he is in his ‘happy spot’…fishing in Alaska.

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Pure & Simple…

It seems that some of my sweetest joys are so pure and simple and organic.

This is my {most} favorite summer treat.

Fresh fruit with homemade yogurt.

Yogurt is so easy to make.  The yogurt maker by Yogourmet is the way to go!

…and I’ve found that Horizon Organic Vitamin D {with ALL the fat} Milk makes the best!

Making yogurt is as easy as…heating the milk to 180°, cooling to 108°, adding live culture {which can also be purchased by Yogourmet or you can use your own yogurt}.  It then sits in the yogurt maker for several hours.  I also add 1 package of Knox Gelatin to help it set up better.

I can eat this for three meals a day…especially when I have fresh berries!

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Vintage{y} Cuff…

We have a family wedding this weekend and my daughter said she was going to ask Trish to make her one of her fun, fun cuffs.  Well I asked her if I could {try to} make one for her instead.

sorry Trish but I know that you wouldn’t make much $ off of my girl because I’m thinking that you wouldn’t even take $ from her…

Last night I sat down and had fun with all of the hand-work that’s involved in making one of these.  It is so relaxing to me…to create something beautiful with my hands.

I used mostly vintage things to make it.

Now I want to make one for me…

I have made one other cuff and I posted about it here….

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One of my favorite things about picking huckleberries is the breath-taking beauty that comes with it.

It makes my heart leap at the awesomeness of God!

There isn’t anything quick and easy about filling a bucket with berries…especially huckleberries.

I wouldn’t ever go picking by myself so I’m glad that my brother invites me along…course, he always has his two little ones in-tow.  I tell the girls,

“one berry at a time fills the bucket!”

As we were picking I heard little Abby say to herself, “One berry at a time…”

It looks like it will be a challenging year to find many huckleberries but…

…there truly is joy and beauty in the hunt!

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in the park…

This week my daughter is home.  She brought her best friend, Sarah, with her and her ‘nanny-girl’, Holly.

I say nanny-girl because Lauren was her nanny from the time she was a newborn until she was two…she is now four and Lauren loves to take any opportunity to spend time with her.

We have a perfect little park right in town that has a river running through it {a very small river}.  Today we decided that we would pack a picnic lunch and let Holly play in the water.

Holly has always called Lauren, Lala {as in la la…sing a song…}.

…such a fun, girly day!

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Oh, the freshness!

This hasn’t been a good garden year for me but the things that I do have are appreciated all the more!

Raspberries are a faithful contributor.  We started picking last week and they’ll keep going for a while.

They are so perfect…

so fresh…

so tasty!!!

When I’m in the garden I’m surrounded by friends.

Beauregard and his girls love to talk to me and my dog, Cash, comes and picks alongside me.  But, as with any 3-yr-old, his pickings go right in his mouth.

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