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Celebrating Life…

My Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter have been gone for a while now but their legacy is going strong…

Because we had family visiting, last night we had an informal Carpenter family get-together at our place…for anyone who could come ~ there were about 22 of us.

This was a meaningful moment…when my uncle {now the family’s patriarch} opened up our time with prayer: for family, our time together and for the food.

Such a special time to celebrate 5 generations!

Sweet little Avery licking the freshly made ice cream from the beater {a personal childhood favorite!} with the help of her gr. grandma.

Young cousins who were able to meet for the first time.  I stayed with them in our little trailer last night.  We were able to enjoy the grandest thunder and lightening storm of the season in the confines of that trailer!

no gathering is complete {in my opinion} w/o s’mores…

I love seeing my daughter-in-law with a baby in her hands….it makes me hopeful for our future…  😉

← ◊ →

a fun project {DIY} I did yesterday that I’ve had rattling around in my head

I recently picked up a box {10-15} of these glass light fixture covers for $1.  When I first saw them I pictured them looking just like this.

It was so quick and easy to wrap them with wire, forming a handle as I went.

I think that they would also look stunning with fresh flowers draping out of them.

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Strawberry Delight!

Strawberries are one of my favorite foods.

Yummy!  ♥

I think my favorite way to eat them is on ice cream my homemade yogurt.  It is the perfect combination.  Ice cream would be even better but I really try to stay away from that stuff!

As the berries are coming on I try to keep as many of them going in the freezer as possible.  We love having strawberries on waffles throughout the year as well as jam.

again, I say yum!

When we were setting up for the Farm Chicks Sale, Trish handed me these cute little vintage strawberry containers.

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{not so} Carefree, yet Happy!

Saturday on my way home from the west side of our state I followed this car.

Even when I had a chance to pass I felt compelled to just follow them.

Two young gals with blonde pony tails flipping in the breeze…driving down a beautiful Washington road in their red convertible.

I couldn’t help but think of all the things I didn’t do before I took the leap {@19} into marriage and family.  It also made me smile at these care-free girls wishing I had a red convertible where I could let my ponytail flip wildly in the breeze but my smile more honestly expressed how, if I could go back 27 years, I wouldn’t change a thing.  As I grew up I always knew that I only ever wanted to be a wife and mom…seriously ~ that really was all I wanted and it was a goal that I fit into comfortably.  Parenting has been far more challenging than I ever imagined but I still find it my perfect fit.

Love This Life!

p.s.  I really wouldn’t mind having a little red convertible that I could journey down a windy road with my blonde pony and a special girlfriend!

note to self…while driving down the road of happiness, make sure that my camera is out of reach!

≈ ♥ ≈

It’s time to announce the winner of my last give-a-way

Natty left comment #20 comment for the give-a-way and is the winner!  Felicitations to you!  😉

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Creation West!

Each year {this is about #10} I take my kids to Creation West, a family-friendly, Christian music festival in the glorious state of Washington.  There is a 4-day schedule that is packed with musicians and speakers on {at least} 4 different stages.  Most years it attracts about 20,000 people…not sure what the number was this year.

I loved it that Amber and her boys were able to join us this year.

I tend to be a rebel {I know, mom…you’ve been waiting 30 years to hear me say that! 🙂 }.  Three things that I completely rebel against are: 1) porta-potties 2) sun screen and 3) bug spray. At Creation I have to completely embrace #1, I’m suffering from the lack of #2 and I was able to escape any and all affects of #3.

The thing that I love the very most about Creation is how the Lord quietly slips into the still places of my heart and surprises me with His GRACE, Goodness and Joy.

I also love spending this {crazy} time with my girls…it’s the main reason why I go {wish I had pics}.

Amber’s boys love being together and they {still} love being with her {embrace that, my friend}.

My {very own} Market Shopper was faithfully by my side carrying everything that I needed!  I could have sold it but I remained strong and said, “I made this one for me and I CAN’T sell it!!!”

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I’m going to be gone for a few days so I decided to keep the soap give-a-way open until I get back.   There really is no hurry since homemade soap has to cure for several weeks.  Until then, I am sure enjoying the fragrance each time I pass by it…

If you haven’t already done so, leave a comment HERE to be entered into the homemade soap give-a-way.

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Gone Camping…

I’ve owed my nieces a little night of camping for a few months now.

Yesterday was the day that everything fell into place so we could have our special day.

After dinner and S’Mores, they watched a late-night movie from the top bunk…such sleepy eyes.

Yummy breakfast…

Each year I have such great intentions of taking my sweet little trailer camping and most years it just doesn’t happen.  I keep telling myself,  “this year I’m GOING to do better”…so this was a fun start.

…and I didn’t even have to leave my front yard!  😉

…or have the license renewed.  Once I take the girls on a real camping trip with their playhouse my trailer, I’m not sure I’ll get away with any more of the front-yard camping but for now it’s really quite enjoyable {w/indoor plumbing and all…}

Now they are trying to convince themselves to get into the very cold water of  my new {$10 garage sale find} stock tank!

Remember to go HERE and leave a comment for a fabulous, lathery give-a-way!

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I’m Giving away some SOAP~

Here is a closer shot of the stunning blooms that I talked about yesterday.  Each individual bloom looks like a tiny bursting firework!

« ♥ »

One of my dearest friends, Lin, is spending some time here this week.  She makes her own soap so I had asked her if we could make a batch while she was here.

She willingly accommodated me.

Measuring oil…

Measuring scent…

Adding texture…

Out of the downspouts molds…


End cuts that we formed into balls…

We are so please with the outcome and we want to share some of our…

Lainey & Lin’s Lavender Lilac Homemade Soap!   🙂

we are just having too much fun

Oh ya!…let’s have another give-a-way.  I love to share…really I do!

Leave a comment and I’ll choose a name to receive a bar of soap!

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Love this Life!

It is such a beautiful, perfect morning here.

My Kids got in about 11:30 last night with an ‘Extra’, so I canceled my regular 5:30 walk and slept in til about 6:00.  With the ‘Extra’ sleeping on the couch it kind of mixed up my morning a bit so I just went outside and walked around…moved some hoses here and there, pulled some weeds, talked to the chickens, checked the gopher traps…you know, the usual!

I also grabbed my camera.

This is my favorite {wild} bloom this time of year.  It is breath-taking but you have to get up real close to appreciate it.  Each tight little bud literally bursts into a tiny, delicate bloom.

While sitting on this rock in my yard…

I look at this.

It’s so tranquil and serene this morning with only the sound of birds, a sprinkler and in the distance a {mooing} cow.

I’ve picked my first peas this week…

and my first strawberries…another favorite!  Oh, my!…are they ever a favorite!

Cash loves to go everywhere with me.  He’s {become} such a good dog!

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The perfect Day!

Yesterday’s sale at The Vintage Barn in Rathdrum, Idaho was grand!

It was a beautiful, HOT sunny day with a perfect assortment of vendors.  With live music and the scent of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs wafting in the air, the senses were made complete with the sounds of excited {women’s} voices and much laughter!

The day was perfect, as usual!

I’m mostly going to show a variety of pictures.  Most of the first ones are from my booth.  Later in the afternoon I was able to walk around with Miss A and I found myself taking a few random shots of things that made me smile!

Two sillies!

This girl {Becky} always makes me smile!…and she, along with her girl, Holly, come up with the most fabulous, glittery creations.  I read this post this week about their shop that just made me smile!

This is one of the first things that I made.  It manages to go to every show with me.  I may just retire it and keep it…I really love it!

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Nice Reprieve…

Remember this invite for sun tea?

Well, Miss Amber took me up on that.

She was able to come over and sneak in a sweet visit that included a yummy lunch and refreshing iced sun tea.

Then we had a nice visit and enjoyed the view from the deck of our little cabin.

Such a nice reprieve from a week of getting ready for this weekend’s show.  One of the items on my to-do list today was to get our cabin ready for guests so she helped me clean and get it ready after we enjoyed our lunch and visit.

Such a friend is she!

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