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Warmth, pieced with love!

I love old quilts!

I grew up with hand-pieced quilts that covered our beds and offered warmth…nightly!

Most of them were pieced by my grandma.  Our clothes were mainly homemade so it was only natural to take the scraps from those clothes and make quilts with them.

When life gives you scraps…make quilts…right?  That’s just what you do! {not so much anymore}

As kids we loved looking at those quilts and with each scrap that was sewn within we would say, “I had a shirt made out of that” or, “I had a dress made out of that”…or….and it would go on and on.

I was at a garage sale last weekend, packing around this fun piece of blue fabric with the velvet red dots and the lady running the garage sale said, “I had a skirt made out of that that my mother made me”.

It made me smile and my mind flooded with memories!

I’ve been working on this quilt for…TOO LONG.  Each Dresden Plate block has been pieced with scraps that belonged to my great-grandma.  These are scraps that had been saved from the many garments {and a variety of other things} that she had made throughout her years.

It also makes me smile!

Do you have fun ‘quilt’ memories?

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