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the food of an angel

Amongst life’s favorites for me is homemade Angel Food Cake with strawberries and {highly sweetened} whipped cream!

It truly must be the food of angels!

I find it interesting that most women have never made an angel food cake.  Many years ago gals would shy away from making one from scratch because of the difficulty they had with getting a good stiff beating with their egg whites but with stand mixers being so common {such as Kitchenaide – Oh, how I wish I could give one away with this post!} making an angel food cake just doesn’t get easier.

It starts with about 12 eggs…whites ONLY {1½ cups}.  My refrigerator just happened to be overflowing with these lovelies that around here come in all shapes, sizes and colors…and yes, occasionally they might even have a little feather attached.  😉

Getting a good stiff egg white is the KEY to an absolutely beautiful finished {delectable} product!

A sneak peak right into the oven.

Oh, I shouldn’t do this but I just can’t help myself.  The beauty of it combined with that warm aroma…well, you’re just going to have to try it for yourself.

I’m not including a recipe here because you can get them easily.  I have always used Betty Crocker.

Oh, oh, oh!  Looky HERE…that looks like the one!

Another important part about making a successful AFC is that when it comes out of the oven it needs to be inverted.  I have an old bottle that I keep under the kitchen sink and I put the center of that cake pan right over it…upside down!

tip: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT…grease the pan or BAD things will happen!!!

Treat yourself like an angel!

…and then with your extra egg yolks make homemade vanilla pudding!

here is a fun fyi about angel food cake

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