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Simple Joys…

one of the simple, sweet joys of summer

is enjoying {daily} some

home brew

thirst~quenching sun tea

Won’t you please come join me?

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buried in bags

It was {thrilling!} to me that my Market Shoppers were a HIT at my last show!

You see, this was their first time to make a public appearance and I just didn’t know how they would be received.

Now it’s {past} time to get some more made.

I was excited and relived when I visited my local feed store, who has been saving them for me, only to find that they had about 25 there.  Some of the employees are now saving them at home and bringing them in. yay!

It feels like my house has been taken over by these little critters.

I’ve made a couple just for ‘me’ before, only to sell them.  This week I made another one for myself with a few extra touches {like using my favorite pair of jeans that I was forced to ‘retire’} and I won’t part with this one.

I have several gals waiting for me to get one done for them and in the mail….so, here I am, getting back to it!

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{new} News from the Country…

This here time a yer when the doe {doe a dear ¤ a female deer…} ar droppin’ thar youngin’,

wer pleased as punch of Nichole who dropped ‘er own lit’l one,

Joel Marcus,

safe and sound into this ‘ole world.

With the Good Lord’s help we’ll all hunker down and help out whenever the need arises to make sure this youngin’ has the proper raisin’ because in these here parts, fam’ly helps whar fam’ly is needed.

all photos used without permission!   😉

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I brought my nieces home with me yesterday.  Their mom is VERY pregnant and her feet and legs get so swollen each day that she has to keep them UP↑.  Feeling sorry for her {and them} I decided that it was time for them to have some Aunt Elaine time.

This morning while I was fixing breakfast their mom called and said her water broke so they just might have an extended time with A.Elaine.  {talking about the arrival of a new baby always makes me get teary…}

So, over Mickey Mouse waffles, we talked about what it means when your water breaks, contractions, etc….and our excitement built with our anticipation of Baby Joel.

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just for fun…

I love buying old photographs.  Most people would say, “Why in the world would you want to buy someone else’s photos?”  Well, most of you who follow me here {who’ve begun to understand me} know why.  I enjoy working with old pictures…crafting them into fun new creations. here is a fun one

I also love the hidden stories that are held within them.

One of my purchases last year became a wonderful, true-life story with a bittersweet ending. story here with follow-up here

Lately I have picked up a few that just make me laugh {hopefully not at the expense of one of your kin}.

Maybe they will bring a smile to your face as well! :0)

I love how ‘Carl’ has himself postured in this picture!  {it just makes me laugh}

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A tad more Farm Chick fun~

In this post there is an eclectic variety of fun pictures of me and my booth taken by various gals at the {recent} Farm Chicks sale.  I’ve enjoyed seeing other photos because I took so few myself.

Oh…there’s that jacket {honestly, it is one of my favorite pieces of clothing…please don’t turn me in to ‘What Not To Wear’}

This picture was captured by the ever-so-sweet {& generous}, Auntie Joy.  thx. Joy for the goodies you shared and the {warm} visit at Chaps.

These two {above and below} were taken by the ever-so-darling Trisha of  the ever-so-popular, Wild Whimsy.

These two {above, with Timi & below} were taken by the ever-so-faithful, Amber.

Too bad Amber didn’t climb into this picture and we could have titled it “Watch Out Minneapolis…Here We Come”, as the three of us will be going to The Creative Connection together in September.

{and here is little Miss Charming herself}

This shot was ‘captured’ by the ever-so-sneaky, Teresa.  Thanks, Teresa, for those sweet words!

Tiffany took this great shot of these ever-so-popular, Farmgirl Style Market Shoppers.  So nice to meet you, Tiffany!…see you in Minneapolis~

These last several shots were taken by Erin Hudson who came and visited me in my booth.   So nice to meet you, Erin and thanks for sharing your photos with me.  🙂

Here is Erin’s little girl, Quincy, who got to go to the show with Mom!

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I’ve got Peace!

As I watched the rain lightly drizzle over our pond this morning, my first thought brought a simple, sweet tune to my mind…”I’ve got peace like a river” ~you’ve got to admit that sounds way better than “I’ve got peace like a pond”.

I then wandered around my yard in my red, Mickey Mouse Crocs and wet toes, and my next thought was, “I am one lucky girl!”.

Father’s Day {which began in Spokane, WA and was celebrated for the 100th time this year} always causes me to be even more appreciative of my men…

I have a great husband who loves sharing this journey called LIFE with me!

And my dad…oh, how I love that guy! {I’m crazy about my mom, too!}

My kids are the BEST!

I live in a beautiful, country setting that faithfully consumes me with the feeling of HOME!

And, although our world doesn’t feel very peaceful and we can’t seem to move beyond RAIN in the Pacific Northwest, I still find that I generally have a smile on my face!  (maybe it’s because my teen just left for a week of camp) 😉

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Vintage Charm…

I was playing around a bit this week and made this fun and chunky monogram charm.

I already had the necklace with the circles.  I’ve been wearing it with a different type of ‘E’ charm in it and a customer bought it right off of me at my last sale.  {happens a lot}

I added a black patina to this charm.

side 2 has a snippet of vintage fabric

Yesterday, I fixed myself a cozy little spot out on my deck to read a book…

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two custom charms for two sisters who just lost their mom ~she had a charm with these same birds

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Warmth, pieced with love!

I love old quilts!

I grew up with hand-pieced quilts that covered our beds and offered warmth…nightly!

Most of them were pieced by my grandma.  Our clothes were mainly homemade so it was only natural to take the scraps from those clothes and make quilts with them.

When life gives you scraps…make quilts…right?  That’s just what you do! {not so much anymore}

As kids we loved looking at those quilts and with each scrap that was sewn within we would say, “I had a shirt made out of that” or, “I had a dress made out of that”…or….and it would go on and on.

I was at a garage sale last weekend, packing around this fun piece of blue fabric with the velvet red dots and the lady running the garage sale said, “I had a skirt made out of that that my mother made me”.

It made me smile and my mind flooded with memories!

I’ve been working on this quilt for…TOO LONG.  Each Dresden Plate block has been pieced with scraps that belonged to my great-grandma.  These are scraps that had been saved from the many garments {and a variety of other things} that she had made throughout her years.

It also makes me smile!

Do you have fun ‘quilt’ memories?

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