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It seems that right now I am waking, eating, sleeping, dreaming, etc….getting ready for The Farm Chicks Show.  Because it is the first show of the season for me, it’s what gives me the kick-start that I need. It gave me another ‘kick’ to get this poster as an e-mail this morning from Serena.  And it’s such a perfect way to share it with you.

This is a fun and amazing show to attend.

Don’t come alone though ~ grab a girlfriend or…ten.

Here is a picture from my first time to the show…wow! I had a nice little tan going on…oh, ya…I had just returned from a cruise in the sunshine for my 25th anniversary ~   (sigh) {I guess it’s time to celebrate #27}

Will I be seeing YOU at The Farm Chicks Show this year????

May 17, 2010 Posted by | The Farm Chicks | 2 Comments