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Queen Bee

MaryJane had an opportunity recently to go to NYC to meet with a group of farmgirls.

She called me a couple of weeks before that and asked if I could make some charms for her to take and give to these gals.

She, along with her master designer, Denali, came up with this amazing design…then it was up to me to charm them up and get them off in the mail.

She sent me a few pictures of her time with these ‘charming’ girls in NYC.

There must have been some time slipped in for a birthday celebration as well!

cute cake

May 14, 2010 Posted by | farmgirl style, Mary Jane's Farm, soldered charms | 4 Comments

A funny thing happened…

…on my way to the city…

Here I am on the busiest street in eastern WA on the busiest day of the week…

I spy… a jersey milk cow.

Do you ever see something funny and just wish you had a camera?

Well, this one definitely made me laugh out loud and I had my camera sitting right there.

In WA state there is a law that says…you CAN’T talk on your cell phone and drive…

There isn’t a law that says you can’t take pictures while driving.

It’s pretty obvious that I CAN’T take pictures while driving though!

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