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Boho Wrap-Up ~:~

Well, it’s time to wrap up this grand Boho adventure.

This is the group of gals that made it all happen…they are the ones who have defined what this whole thing is about.

βσhσ Art Retreat • CampOne

Trish and I –   …oh, sweet Trish!

Cindy and I…

Ellen and I…

Let me tell you a sweet story about Ellen.  She wrote to me several weeks before the retreat and gave me a little bit of her background.  In the past two years she has gone through two different types of  cancer which included several rounds of chemotherapy. She said that one of the most difficult aspects of this was that it stripped her of any and all desire to do ANYTHING. When I announced on my blog that I was having this retreat, Ellen was the first to respond and say that she wanted to come. Her husband paid the deposit and I think that everyone in my house heard my whoop and holler because I had my first βσhσ girl!

What I didn’t know was that, on Ellen’s end, it was the first thing that had sparked her interest in a very long time.

Her husband saw that spark and jumped right in and said, ‘if you want to go then you’re going’.

What makes this whole story bring tears to my eyes is the fact that Ellen is from Oklahoma.  Her husband wanted so badly for her to do this but he didn’t want to see her take the trip by plane by herself so he drove her all the way out here…to Washington.  He camped in a tent up on a mountain while we βσhσed away.

After returning home safely, this is the note that she wrote to me…

Thank you for everything,  I had the most wonderful time.  I don`t think it could have been any better than what I wished for.  Everything you did was amazing, from the accommodation, the arts and crafts to the wonderful food.  I don`t think I have ever eaten so good!!!  You had a great presentation for everything, I truly enjoyed every bit of the Art Retreat.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone.  Everyone was a treasure.  Elaine, you did an awesome job on everything you did.  You are a great teacher.  I will be coming back again in the future. I loved it ♥ Ellen

Ellen is a sweet, sweet gal and I’m so glad that she was a part of this grand adventure!

My next βσhσ Art Retreat is scheduled for October 21-23, 2010.

there are several names on the sign-up list with one deposit in hand {my limit is 10}

The cost of the whole retreat is $280…It starts on Thursday morning and ends Sunday Afternoon.  Included in the price is lodging, meals, workshops and a glorious amount of fun!  This truly is such a bargain and I can safely say that after working my way through one retreat, the price will need to go up slightly for the retreats that I plan for 2011.

A $100 deposit will reserve a spot for YOU!

Don’t be Shy…sign up soon!

Eli would love to have you here and so would I!

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all photos were taken by Amber of Tres Birds Photography

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How do Boho Girls Eat???

The answer to the above stated question?


Once again, you may witness the Bossy Boho

hot, fruit pies made with fruit that I gathered and froze last summer...huckleberry, raspberry and peaches ~oh, my!

One of my personal favorites of the weekend…roasting homemade marshmallows over the fire.

…and then making a s’more!   Mmm..Mmm!

each day I’m loving Ambers shared pics more and more

Here is another fun memory, caught with the creative eye of Trish.

Ellen (and others) worked away on an unfinished project while we watched a movie on the big screen (a white sheet hanging over the windows).

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