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Soldering Workshops

Saturday was devoted to soldering.   We began by doing a practice piece…just glass.

Some of the gals took that piece, later in the day, and modge podged some fun piece of collage to the backside and used it in a creative way.

We then ventured on to a ‘real’ charm and after that soldered a large piece to hang inside a barn board frame.  Although I have done so much soldering {3yrs…1000’s of pieces}, I hadn’t ever taught soldering.

Becky, soldering away...

It didn’t go as well as I had hoped but the gals seemed to love it anyway.   I do remember my own first soldering experiences and how diligently I worked to get just the right look.  It literally took making 200-300 charms before I felt that I was doing ‘OK’.

I’ve been looking into taking a class of my own by soldering expert, Terri Brush, and now I want to take one all the more.

I love this picture because Cindy is still smiling.…actually, she was even smiling by the end.

Cathy is working away...


...and Arlene is working at her first 'practice' charm...





Thank you Amber, once again, for sharing your lovely photos and she wrote a sweet post about all this HERE.

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