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a Boho Girl??

What is a βσhσ girl?

It would seem that she may look a lot like this but, in reality, being a βσhσ girl is a condition of the heart.

•She is a dreamer.

•She is willing to take risks and be adventurous.

•She is unconventionally artistic and she finds herself smiling while she works.

•She enjoys good, healthy food.

•At times she enjoys interaction but on other days prefers her solitude.

She is oh-so-much more than this but, quite honestly, she hasn’t been completely defined…yet.

…and, oh! yes…she loves glitter!

I am so excited to see her full discovery become realized at next weekend’s art retreat .  Each day I’m working on some of the special touches and it seems to boost my energy.

I have a gal driving from Oklahoma, one from Montana and the rest are Washington gals…so far, anyway.  If YOU are feeling spontaneous I have openings for a couple more.

Would LOVE it if YOU could join us…the towels are ready!  😉

April 7, 2010 Posted by | Art Retreat | 8 Comments