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The Cross :~

#27 – 1″ Life Sampler

As I have been taking this journey through my life, one stitch at a time, I would be remiss if I didn’t catch the most significant ‘happening’ in my life.  It was being introduced to Jesus Christ at a very young age.  As I grew in years and understanding, the blood of Jesus became more and more real in my life.

Today, as I celebrate His Blood through His death on the Cross, I still struggle with the full meaning of what it meant for Jesus to give His life on that Cross so many years ago.

This is what I do know…

He did it for me!

He did it for you!

He did it that I could have freedom and a new life in Him!


He knew exactly what He was doing!

I am blessed and forever changed because of His gift!

I have a friend who is an amazing communicator and writer who writes every 5th week for the religious column of the Seattle Times.  Here is that column from this weekend, reposted to her blog.

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