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1″ Life Sampler

I keep adding to my 1″ Life Sampler

#24 is for 1974 when our family went to Disneyland for the first (and only) time.  Mr T and I have gone many times since though and have even taken the kids along a couple of those times!  😉

#25 & #26 are on either side of the one I did for 1998 (a flower garden).  We lived in the greater Seattle area during those years and I loved the rain (most days) but, the sun…oh, the sun is more glorious in that part of the country than any other…I’m quite sure.  I think that when you live in an area where it rains so much, it just makes you appreciate the grandness of the sun all the more.

It seemed fitting to surround my little embroidered flowers with Seattle rain and sunshine!  😉

April 2, 2010 Posted by | 1" Life Sampler | 1 Comment