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Spring?….not yet!

red-winged black bird

Our last two winters were fairly extreme as far as snow-fall and low temperatures.  This winter has been EXTREMELY mild…in every sense.  I love snow…fresh, white, pure snow and I’ve really missed it.

Yesterday is snowed all day.  We’ve been experiencing some hopeful signs of spring and yesterday the birds seemed completely confused!

There are two geese that land on our pond nearly every day.  In fact, they are probably the same pair that show up here each spring.  They were more obnoxiously loud this morning than usual and they didn’t stay long.

Here are my #8 & #9 blocks to my 1″ Life Sampler.  These are from the years that I turned 5 & 6.

As we (my siblings & I) were growing up, my mom not only had music playing in our home much of the time but she was also VERY diligent about teaching us to sing and finding the opportunities for us to sing.  We were singing as a trio by the time I was 3, my sis was 4 and my brother was 7.  (can anyone say, “Oh, my!)  Our little community seemed to embrace this because we sang at many-a-local function!  😉  {I’ll write more about this later and make sure that I have pictures to accompany…}

With the little girl block, I totally stole borrowed the idea from Amy who is the brains behind this 39 squares project.  thx. Amy!

It looks like I will be attending this event, The Creative Connection, as well as selling my ‘wares’ there.  The kinks haven’t all been worked out but I have made my hotel reservation and am VERY excited about the opportunity.  They have started a brand new blog for this event and are offering a fabulous give-a-way right now.  Go on over there, leave a comment and you too will have your name entered to be a WINNER!

March 12, 2010 - Posted by | 1" Life Sampler, my neck of the woods!

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