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Grandma’s apron…

My mom and my aunt have been going through my grandma’s stuff as she has been gone for two years now.

Guess who they think of when they come across something that no one wants?

You guessed right…ME!

Yesterday I came home with a couple of sets of old drapes.  No need to worry…I’ll come up with some wondrous idea for them.

I also came home wearing a very fun 60’s{ish} apron.  On the way home, with that apron snuggly wrapped around my waist,  I couldn’t help but get a bit teary-eyed as I thought of my wonderful grandma.   God didn’t create another woman just like her…He simply broke the mold.  I can safely say that there isn’t one person who came into contact with her who could say a bad thing about her.

She was:

gentle * sweet * loving * caring

devoted to her God, family and friends

she cooked 3 meals a day, from scratch, every day

you could NEVER wash your hands in her kitchen sink…or anything else, only dishes!

she would let me do anything I wanted when I was at her house

she called her grandkids, Munkchips, while giving them a hug and a smile

it seemed to take forever, but really I was quite young when I became taller than her

when I was young, I liked to take her by the waist and pick her up…{she didn’t like it}

she loved her yard and was known in the community for her beautiful flowers

If I stand in just the right place of my living room, I can look through the trees and across the valley to see the house where she lived my whole life..in fact, there is smoke coming out of the chimney right now and I know that I have some of her goodness in me but is it possible, that if I wore that apron, a bit more of her would rub off on me and I could be just a little more like her?

I think I’ll try…

maybe I won’t ever take it off! 😉

March 2, 2010 Posted by | aprons, family | 10 Comments