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Always something new to learn…

My mom and I took a needle-turn appliqué class on Saturday.

I really love the opportunity to learn new things.  It’s easier to bypass these opportunities than it is to jump in and sign up.  My mom and I seem to be encouraging each other to ‘jump in’ and it’s been a fun thing for us to share some common interests  (this also includes the painting lessons).

I think my favorite part about learning needle-turn appliqué is that I really never thought I could do this.  I have to say though that with some good instruction, an OTT lamp and reading glasses, I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy it is.  My struggle isn’t with the stitches it’s with keeping my pieces in place as I work with it.

I take comfort in knowing that I can only improve…

Each morning I look at our pond to see if the ice is melting.  I seems to recede each day but with our nights dipping into the teens it’s not diminishing fast enough…

…so for today, I will just enjoy a bit of blue sky and sunshine!

March 1, 2010 - Posted by | my neck of the woods!, sewing

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