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#23 to my 1″ Life Sampler is for the year…you guessed it 2000!

I’ve removed the funny blue lines…just not in time for the ‘photo shoot’!

I spent a bit of time at the sewing machine this week to make a couple of aprons with a sweet, cherry theme.

This one combines vintage fabrics with a few new ones.

Here is yet another sweet combination for an apron.

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Two custom charms – side one is the same on both…

These might just be in a give-a-way on another blog from the great state of Washington.

I will for sure let you know so YOU can be entered…

I’m a few weeks into painting #2 of my painting lessons.  This sweet ballerina on horseback  is FAR from being finished but I just love seeing her come to life.

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More family history…

#21 & #22 – 1″ Life Sampler – dress form & birdcage

When I was a little girl I loved to go to my great grandparent’s house.  It was just so old and I loved that.   I loved tromping around in the rustic ‘outdoors’ and the two rooms inside that were my favorite were the guest room and the attic.  The two things that I remember admiring the most in the attic were my grandma’s dress form and her old bird cage.

I have had her dress form in my possession now for many years.  It is handmade.  The main part is made from a paper mache’ and stuffed with old newspaper.  My grandma probably did that herself and I’m sure that my grandpa made the frame for her.

I lovingly call her Mergatroid {Mergy}.  I wish I had named her Sophie, after my gr. grandma but Mergy stuck many years ago and I can’t change it now!  😉

My great grandpa filed a claim to homestead that land at the age of 21.  The homestead was finalized in 1914 and signed by our president, Woodrow Wilson.   They were true pioneers and knew what it was like to live off of the land.

That property is about 10 minutes from where I now live.

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There is a winner!

#20 ~ 1″ Life Sampler

In October of 1991 we purchased our first home..in Chehalis, WA.  That was an exciting time for us.  Certainly a part of our ‘growing up’ experience.   We actually still own that home.

Do you want to buy it????   😉

Here is a great charm idea…it can be personalized however you like and to whomever…

I think that I’m going to redo this charm 😦 …one dictionary I went to made namby-pamby sound like a sweet word another one makes it sound not-so-sweet…more like a weakness

The winner to my 500th post give-a-way is….

MoniQ in WI = comment: Am I too late to comment? I was on bedrest and sleeping all day–now awake at 3 a.m. checking my fave crafty blogs! I LOVE your charm….it’s charming!

Yesterday while I was ‘charming’ I watched Mama Mia!  I love that movie…even when it gets super corny (Pierce Brosnan singing???)…I still love it.

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#19 ~ 1″ Life Sampler

#19 – 1″ Life Sampler – little piggy

For many years my dad was a pig farmer.  He sold his farm when I was three.  It was at that time that he felt a calling in his heart to become a pastor.  This began a new journey for our family…a journey that took my parent’s {and us} into a life of faithfulness and blessing!

I will announce a winner tomorrow for my give-a-way…that gives you one more day to enter YOUR name.

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Sweet & Sassy!

Block #18 to my 1″ Life Sampler reflects a time in my life that always makes me smile.

There is a memorable day in April of 2005 when I had the opportunity to go to a lovely teahouse in Redmond, WA with two of my girlfriends, Amber and Trisha.  We felt so inspired as we absorbed the environment around us that we became consumed with the idea of starting up our own tea house…which quickly turned to a focus on cupcakes.  This began a different journey of finding and refining the perfect cupcake recipes.  As friends connected with friends, we began making cupcakes at all hours of the day, for a variety of occasions, whenever the need would arise.

I love to dream and I love it when others are willing to dream with me.  We did see that dream fizzle, for a variety of reasons.  I’m glad we didn’t dive in to the expense and commitment of a shop but I don’t regret one day of dreaming the dream.

We just had way too much fun processing our way through that dream.

When Kristine sent me some snippets from her collection of ‘authentic’ prints last week, I immediately saw it as a challenge.  “What can I do with these that will be for ME?”  I have loved making these burlap aprons and I decided that I would make one for me with those prints.  I have a long, green, tiered, silk skirt that will go perfectly with this to wear at  my shows….and I can compliment that with some cute boots!  {oh, ya!}

This one I made with one of the old drapes that I brought home from my grandma’s house recently.

This would make an ugly drape/curtain but fun, linen fabric and it goes well with the burlap.

~the sweet and sassy cupcake girls...Sweet & Sassy...for sure!

Check this post out for a fun give-a-way!  I’ll keep it open for a few more days!

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the singing bowes…

I mentioned in this post that I would tell you a little more about singing with my brother and sister while I was growing up.  So, here in my 17th block of my 1″ Life Sampler, I’ll share a little more and include pictures.

My embroidery attempts here look a bit frightening but keep in mind that this is 1″…yes, 1″…and on a smaller scale it doesn’t look so bad.

circa 1971 - Mother's Day Tea - Columbia High School - Hunters WA

Here, however, is the real deal.  Oh, how I wish this was in color and you could see my adorable red, shiny shoes.  Actually, we were wearing red, white and blue and performing at our school (K-12) for their Mother’s Day program.

circa 1968 ...with my sweet grandpa looking on

I had to include this picture because it was nearly impossible for me to sing without grabbing my dress and drawing it up.    Our clothes were generally all home-made by our dear mom.

I can’t even begin to imagine her diligence and determination as she taught us to sing.  By the time we were 6,7 & 10, we were singing 3-part harmony…and we sounded pretty good…

…not to mention, quite adorable!

We were asked to sing often around our community.  And, we were conveniently mobile since my mom could play the piano as well as the accordion.

OK…I’ll throw in this last one!

If you haven’t left a comment on my last post, go there to be entered into the give-a-way!

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#16~#500…and a give-a-way

This is my 500th post!


That just sends a ‘thrill’ right through me…makes me want to give something away!

This charm is hot off the press (literally) and it can be yours.  Just leave a comment with this post and YOU will be entered in to win!

Joining the 39 squares stitchalong with about 100 other gals has been another thrill!  I decided to combine that idea with my give-a-way so I stitched-up and charmed-up a 1″ square.

I would love to hear from any of you who are stopping by for a visit!

Here is my 16th block to my 1″ Life Sampler.  It is for the year 2005.  Our son graduated this year.  This year also marked the end our ‘soccer seasons’.  For several years I loved going to these games and was sad to see it come to an end.

"Go #7!!!"

All of my posts for the stitchalong are here.

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disturbing the earth…

…refreshes my spirit!

As my dad came to plow my garden yesterday, I could feel something begin to stir inside of me.  There is just something about fresh, black soil and the promise of new life.

The promise of growth, resourcefulness and sustainability.

The promise of fresh, organic, natural, healthy food!

The promise of provision.

And, the promise of hard work!

Oh, yes…there is a certain promise of fresh raspberries!   oh yay!

Tomorrow I will be posting my 500th post…therefore, I feel a give-a-way coming on…

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more bartering fun…

Back in December, Kristine and I had some bartering fun…and, we’ve been having some more.

I recently sent her a charm and yesterday I received a couple more flour sacks in the mail.

She slipped in some other fun, textile goodness before she sent it off to ME.

I have admired this line of fabric for a while…it’s called ‘authentic’.  I just love it.

It incorporates words throughout that are positive and fresh.

Kristine has been working on a quilt with it and she decided to share a wee bit.   Ahhh…so sweet!

She also shared a piece of this adorable vintage print…

thx. kristine!!!!

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