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Miscellany…that has a ring to it, don’t you think?

Over the years many people…mostly children…have called me Miss Elaine

And a few have even called my Lainey

Miscellany –

if I had thought of that one a few years back it would have been a good business or blog name ~ oh well, it’s too late and now that I’m totally off track…actually, w/a post titled ‘miscellany’, it’s not possible to get off track ~ so on to my three random thoughts for the day…

1}  It is always fortuitous when I have a pocket for my journey to the hen house!

2}  such a wonderful reminder of spring

thx. Mr T

3}  These mini monograms all went out yesterday to the winners! They are so fun to take pictures of that I couldn’t resist. I also couldn’t resist making my mom’s a little extra special by adding a few beads that belonged to her mom.

She’s more than deserving of a little something extra!

February 9, 2010 Posted by | chickens, gift | 11 Comments

charmed! for sure…

How fun it was to bless 14 gals as ‘winners’.  {i will admit that somewhere there in the middle i thought “what have i done?”} I appreciated all of the words of ‘thanks’ from each one of you.  My favorite one came from Julie

“I still can’t believe you charmed us all”

I guess I did charm you all….  😉   and I was charmed in the process.  That’s how it works, you know…just when you think you are trying to bless someone else…surprise!!! ~you get the blessing  ~~  love it!!!

Here’s a charmer that went out to Pat so she could give it to her sis, Kathy, as a birthday gift!  …a very unique, one-a-kind gift.

Thanks, Pat, for letting me help you with this special occasion!

February 9, 2010 Posted by | bespoke design, soldered charms | 3 Comments