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feed sack~:~shopping bag

Here is a much more chic feed sack:turned shopping bagThe last one wasn’t such a great hit but I think that this one hits the mark.

Generally, when I assemble anything…from bags to aprons…I will only use items from my stash.  I never ‘go shopping’ for just the right elements…I make sure that I have what I need right here.

One exception to this might be a custom order where the customer provides the main ingredient…those are more challenging for me, but I love doing them!

The canvas handle is from some yardage that I picked up at Goodwill.  The small, red corduroy handles came from a bag of scraps at a thrift store.  The red and white gingham was previously used for the tables at my son’s rehearsal dinner. The feed sacks were passed on to me by my true-blue-farm-girl-cousin Heidi who we are always keeping an eye out for a splendid true-blue-farm-boy…for only splendid will do!

I love Washington and I really LOVE Eastern Washington so I simply had to save the strip on the bag that said ‘Spokane, Washington’.  I sewed it onto the canvas handle.

It’s just too much fun!!!

Sometimes, as you know, I tickle myself!

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a good year…

I’m pretty sure that 1963 is my favorite year…

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country girl shopping bag

Here are a couple of shopping bags for the true, blue hick country girl.

Any time I see one of these woven, plastic bags that has been cast aside I grab it and set it aside for the day that I may want to turn it into a shopping bag.  Since Mr T. loves to completely spoil the deer during the winter months, we had a couple of these Deer Corn bags hanging around.

We’ve also had a few wild turkeys nibbling on the corn here and there.

I have a few more bags to work on that will be even cuter…

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Custom work…

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apron creations…

OK…I promise to move beyond aprons.  One of my goals for the weekend was to get a few made and between district playoffs for boy’s basketball I was able to get 5 made.

The apron pictured above is similar to the one in my last post.  I had just enough of the soft, vintage plaid to make two and the white piece is a table topper cut in half so I worked that into both as well.  The pocket has a few fun features on it so I’m hi-lighting that here.

This apron was an experiment that I love and will definitely make more.  I really wraps around well and feels good on.  I made it more for vendor use rather than kitchen use.  I think that it would actually wash OK, but because it’s burlap, I won’t guarantee that just yet.

My favorite finishing touch on each one of my aprons is a snippet of this T.V. ribbon from a turn of the century Belgium warehouse.

Both aprons are $35

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Apron Creation :~

I really love this apron.

It’s another one that I could so easily keep.

I’ve used some of my favorite vintage prints in it and the color scheme…well, it’s me!

I love how it wraps so efficiently around Mergatroid’s robust frame.

If you are ever interested in an apron that I’ve posted let me know.  I’ll try to start listing the prices.

This one will sell for $35.

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Chick madness!

Amber gave a great little ‘shout out’ for the up and coming Art Retreat!

Every day I am getting more and more excited for this.  I would love to have YOU jump in too!

Check it out!!!

I’ve also been trying to work my way to my sewing machine.

It’s been a task but yesterday I finally got there and was able to make two aprons.

Both of them are so fun and different in their own way.

This one has 4 different white layers going on.  It is truly sweet and beautiful.

With this apron I put to use the beautiful, vintage feed sacks that I wrote about in this post.

It seemed appropriate to start this new push on apron making by using one of these bags because my first show for the season will be the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane Washington.

I think about my next season of shows nearly every day and it can make me a little crazy!

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Painting Lesson: Day 3

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lovin’ life :

~ these charms will go out in the mail today ~

I have a friend who’s building a bakery and the ‘eat cake’ charm is going to her…just because (the side that is showing here was taken from some of her new advertising)

in fact, Amber & I were able to have breakfast at her restaurant on Saturday

I never leave Chaps disappointed…just walking in is a treat.  This was my first time for breakfast and I ordered a baked custard oatmeal that was covered in blueberries and served with steamed milk.  Can I just say, “Oh my goodness!!”  I’ve never had anything like it.

Just having a day to spend with Amber was a rare and delightful treat (since she lives 5½ hours away) and one that I won’t take for granted ever again.

She is owner/operator of Tres Birds Photography and we had some fun with me in the ‘spotlight’ and her pushing the buttons.  She’s only sent me a few shots so far but here are a couple…

This one is great because the house that is in the background was built by my great grandparents.  My grandparents lived there and then my parents lived there for my first three years.  It sits directly across the valley from the house I now live in.

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Happy Valentines Day to ME!

Newly engaged, circa 1982 ~ Seattle Center

…and then a few years later…

For better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part!

How sweet it is to be loved by you! …james taylor

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