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The nest!


a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young

a cozy or secluded retreat

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable or cozy position

I would have to say that I think I may have been born to nest.

Which is why, now that I have a few ‘girls’ that are very partial to nesting, I have a really, really hard time removing them to gather their eggs.

It’s painful for me {as I’m sure that it must be for them} to take them from their comfy little spot and rob them of there {potential} babies.

It just doesn’t seem right!!!  …but, I do it anyway {sometimes!}  😉

Remember Penelope?

She’s doing fine!  She was in the house for a couple of weeks then I had to get her adjusted back in with the others…a problem that I didn’t take into consideration until after I had removed her.

Now, Beauregard, on the other hand has been quite a handful.  He’s turned protective and a bit mean.  When I was taking the pictures inside the hen house I made sure that he was outside then I shut the little door so he wouldn’t come in and attack disturb me.  When I re-opened it, he was right there just waiting to get in and do his thing…so, I bent down real quick and snapped this shot of him.

That picture makes me laugh!

This picture makes me smile!!!

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