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National Pie Day!

I come from a looooooong line of pie makers.

Women who were dedicated to their families and homes.

What a lucky girl I’ve been to have such mentors in my life.

I’ve always been hopeful that just a fraction of their goodness would rub off on me.

It seems so fitting on National Pie Day to celebrate these women whom I’ve come from.

Last year I mentioned wanting to make a cream pie and it’s taken me a whole year to get to it.  My Grandma B. specialized in cream pies…possibly never opening a box of Jell-O Instant Pudding Mix.  Any time I make pudding, from scratch (which, btw, is the only way that I’ll make pudding!!!), I think of Grandma and how proud she would be.

In her later years, she often would make a Peanut Butter Cream Pie to share with friends and family.  Now, at our own family gatherings, that same pie often graces our dessert table adding to the plentiful variety.

When my grandma would make this recipe she would mix 1 c. powdered sugar and ½ c. peanut butter until it was crumbly • place that in the bottom of a cooled, pre-baked pie crust, reserving 2-4 tablespoons • pour over that the vanilla pudding of your choice (I used the Betty Crocker recipe) • Slather that with a thick layer of sweetened, whipped cream (w/a bit of vanilla added) • then sprinkle with the reserved peanut butter/sugar mixture.

My, Oh!, My ~purely delightful!!! I think I may need to go have that for breakfast 😉

January 23, 2010 Posted by | in the kitchen, recipe | 3 Comments