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Custom work…

One of the things that I really enjoy about custom charms is working with the customer as she designs her charm{s} for that special someone or occasion.

As Kara has been planning a very special wedding for the end of this month she has included a variety of artists from around the country to contribute towards her special day.  I was honored to be one of those artists.  Over the course of about a week we corresponded back and forth probably no less than 20-30 times trying to come up with just the right design for the charms that would grace her decorated tables for her reception.

There is always that element of artistic interpretation that causes concern for me as I wonder if I am appropriately translating what the customer wants.

I literally cherish it when I receive a comment like this as I did from my last custom order…(thx. Cheryl)…

so far, this charm and experience with you has exceeded my expectations

I put a lot into them…and that includes a bit of worry!

As I was writing this, Kara called me on the phone.  She had just received her order and she  ♥LOVED♥ it!  😉

This ‘mention’ in the current MaryJanesFarm magazine has boosted sales too.   Working on this project with MaryJane and her peeps has only been a very positive experience.  Nice, nice people!

I’ll be setting up for a show tomorrow in Spokane.  I’m not so sure where I’ll fit into this one (as it is a spa show) but if you’re in the area, come say ‘HI’.  I’ve heard that it’s a very nice and well-attended show.

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