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R is for…rescuer~

I had a friend in high school…her name was Rhonda.

Rhonda wasn’t the popular girl but she was definitely a popular girl.

It seemed effortless for her to be a friend to everyone.

I was always glad that she was my friend.

I moved away after graduation to attend college.

Twenty six {plus} years later, I moved back.  I had a daughter in that same high school ~ who was struggling with our extreme & difficult (to her) move…guess who was there to help my girl?


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this gal.  She’s still that same friend…steadfast, true and she’s such an encourager.  Honestly, I’m not sure where my girl would be in school without her.  Rhonda would spend time, after school,  in the library (which was part of her job), day after day, with my girl to make sure that she was going to pass her classes.

My girl is very artistic.  Recently she told Rhonda that she would love to be a tattoo artist someday.  Rhonda, very carefully and creatively encouraged my girl to consider using her artistic abilities to become an architect.  I could just see those ‘maybe-I-could’ wheels turning in my girl’s head.

This is such a teeny-tiny token of my appreciation for Rhonda but I just want her to know that I appreciate her!

*my favorite word there is ‘rescuer’, as I feel that she did that for my girl!

**my other favorite word is ‘retro’  😉

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