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A fun, fun find!

Did you know that there are collectors, associations, museums, shows, societies, organizations and more… all in the name of antique barbed wire?

If I wanted to, {and I really, really don’t}, I’m quite sure that I could get wrangled right into the excitement.  There is so much craftsmanship and history involved in this subject.

Yesterday, I purchased a box that contains hundreds of pieces of antique barbed wire that belonged to a collector…I paid $5 for the whole thing.  I immediately began to dream about the creations that I could make with such a find…creations that would pair 100+ year old barn board {from my own community}, antique barbed wire and rusty chicken wire with a lovely collaged piece of work, finished off with a silvery, soldered edge.

There I would have some more of that lovely, Chic Rustique!!!

Since there truly is potential collect-ability in these pieces, I won’t be bending and cutting anytime soon.

The piece that is pictured above was patented in 1868 by New York blacksmith Michael Kelly.  This is the first successful barbed wire that was produced.  Unfortunately, he lost the patent on this piece due to faulty patent language but  later he successfully patented a wire called ‘Pin Wire’ that today will fetch a 3-figure price for an 18″ length.

Can anyone say “WOW”?!???!

That’s really all I know about antique barbed wire and that information came from here.

But, I do know something quite personal about redcowboyboots, which I purchased at the same time.

I know that they are:


not-so comfortable


they make me smile!

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