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~:a Gift of Joy:~

I find it’s difficult to write posts this month.   Mmmm…not sure why.  I’m not working on anything particularly creative and wonderful ~ just keeping my head above board and trying to be diligent.

{if I could double-italicize ‘trying’ I would}

I find that I just want to recline in a chair with my favorite blanket and some knitting…with a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee and some wonderful Christmas music or a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie.

I have so many options!  😉

Truth~be~told, Christmas starts on Monday here and will last a couple of weeks.

I’m anxiously excited for it but I won’t claim to be ready!

Was God ready to let His Son come to earth?

He knew it was necessary ~ it was His perfect gift to mankind.

A Gift that would offer salvation to all who would choose it.

: ¤ ≡ ¤ :

I’ll be singing a song at church tomorrow.  One of the lines in it is:

His Father must have felt at once great sadness and great joy!

I’m so thankful, blessed and a bit overwhelmed at the Gift of Joy that was given to me {and you, too!}.

God’s gift of Salvation, Redemption and Joy!

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