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Meet *~Penelope~*

When I went to pick up my chicks last spring, there was a little one in there with a naked neck.  The gal who was boxing them up ask me if I wanted her.  She said that she was an extra one and probably no one would want her anyway.

Well,  I just couldn’t resist…wouldn’t any ‘mother’ feel the same way?

The Naked Neck is a specific variety ~ but, I’ve been worried about how she would fare through the winter.  Our temperatures have been hovering at  0° and below.

Yesterday, when I was letting all ‘the girls’ outside (and the one bad-boy), I didn’t think she looked well.  I decided to bring her in.  I think I had her settled for about 3 minutes and she gave me an egg…maybe that’s why she didn’t look so well ~ or she was just saying ‘thank you‘!

Anyway…she seems to be happy ~ I think she particularly enjoys my Christmas music (and the heat, of course).  I hope I haven’t made a mistake by bringing her in…the hard part will probably be acclimating her back outside.

When I was looking for a ‘naked neck’ site to link to, one of them said it’s a variety that is so ugly only a mother could love it!  😉

December 10, 2009 Posted by | chickens | 3 Comments