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Bittersweet turned sweet!

Many of you understand the ‘thrill’ of the search for a treasure.

Treasures that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and values.

Some of these treasures have value that can be felt only by the new owner…a value that can’t be measured by the standard of anyone else.

I recently {Saturday} came across just such a treasure.  A family photo album dating 1918-1934. For most people it would seem odd to develop a connection with a family that lived so long ago, where there was no personal connection whatsoever.

It’s hard to explain.

It partly comes from my own love and devotion to family…that penetrates through many generations.

It also comes from a love and devotion to things of the past…clothing, shoes, homes, loving families, mannerisms as well as the colors and textures that come from the wonderful old black and white and sepia-toned photos.

As I have looked through this album over and over, dreaming of the wonderful creations that I could make with these beautiful photographs {scanned and copied, of course}, I began to feel as though this album didn’t belong to me.

With family names very prominent throughout the album, it took Mr T & I about an hour to find a possible family name with an e-mail contact.

It took just a short bit to receive a reply verifying that we had indeed found the right family.

♥ bitter sweet ♥

These two ‘tea-time’ pictures are some of my favorites.

Bill is the grandfather of the man who I am in contact with.

Here is a photo of all of the children from the family.

I’m sure that you can hear in my tone that it’s wonderful and difficult all at the same time to part with this new-found treasure but when it was mentioned in one of the e-mails today that this is ‘an unexpected Christmas blessing’, the bitter was removed from the sweet and it just became sweet!

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Blessed beyond!

My favorite holiday will always be one that is shared with family.  Nineteen of the 22 that make up our family were gathered in our home yesterday and 2010 seems to promise to add two more to the family.

…one of those ‘promised’ ones will be added to this little team.  They’re hopeful for a boy.

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Merry Christmas…

I can’t let this day get too far ahead of me without taking a few moments to wish you and yours a very blessed and bright Christmas Day as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour!

May it be filled with love, laughter and wonderful food!

Be Merry

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custom work:~)

…some charms that are ready to go out…

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~:a Gift of Joy:~

I find it’s difficult to write posts this month.   Mmmm…not sure why.  I’m not working on anything particularly creative and wonderful ~ just keeping my head above board and trying to be diligent.

{if I could double-italicize ‘trying’ I would}

I find that I just want to recline in a chair with my favorite blanket and some knitting…with a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee and some wonderful Christmas music or a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie.

I have so many options!  😉

Truth~be~told, Christmas starts on Monday here and will last a couple of weeks.

I’m anxiously excited for it but I won’t claim to be ready!

Was God ready to let His Son come to earth?

He knew it was necessary ~ it was His perfect gift to mankind.

A Gift that would offer salvation to all who would choose it.

: ¤ ≡ ¤ :

I’ll be singing a song at church tomorrow.  One of the lines in it is:

His Father must have felt at once great sadness and great joy!

I’m so thankful, blessed and a bit overwhelmed at the Gift of Joy that was given to me {and you, too!}.

God’s gift of Salvation, Redemption and Joy!

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Bartering goodness!

I love the idea of bartering.  I can’t say I do it very much but when there is an opportunity that benefits both parties involved then I’m ready to jump in.

Kristine asked if I would be interested in trading some of these beautiful feed sacks that are in such perfect condition for a couple of charms.  I said ‘sure’ and with a few more notes back and forth she had these in the mail…along with a couple of vintage Santa photos for me to ‘charm up’.

This charm is a picture of Kristine’s husband when he was a little guy.

I’ve been working with Post Office deadlines and have been forgetting to take shots of the custom charms before sending them on their way…I’m glad that I got this one.

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When all the tracks lead home…

…everything just feels right!

Welcome home, Mr T and Happy Birthday!

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More custom hand-crafted goodness!

I finished another batch of custom charms yesterday….just thought I would show them to you.

Custom charms are the same price as my others…$20 + a couple of dollars for mailing.

They make a GREAT one-of-a-kind gift for any season…especially this one!

Christmas Blessings!

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Meet *~Penelope~*

When I went to pick up my chicks last spring, there was a little one in there with a naked neck.  The gal who was boxing them up ask me if I wanted her.  She said that she was an extra one and probably no one would want her anyway.

Well,  I just couldn’t resist…wouldn’t any ‘mother’ feel the same way?

The Naked Neck is a specific variety ~ but, I’ve been worried about how she would fare through the winter.  Our temperatures have been hovering at  0° and below.

Yesterday, when I was letting all ‘the girls’ outside (and the one bad-boy), I didn’t think she looked well.  I decided to bring her in.  I think I had her settled for about 3 minutes and she gave me an egg…maybe that’s why she didn’t look so well ~ or she was just saying ‘thank you‘!

Anyway…she seems to be happy ~ I think she particularly enjoys my Christmas music (and the heat, of course).  I hope I haven’t made a mistake by bringing her in…the hard part will probably be acclimating her back outside.

When I was looking for a ‘naked neck’ site to link to, one of them said it’s a variety that is so ugly only a mother could love it!  😉

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All That Glitter…

Here we go ~ I’m finally getting to it…my shimmery post on ‘All That Glitter’.

Honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a fog since I got home from my show over the weekend.

I did get a batch of custom orders out.


I completed a 10-hour sewing project for Mr T last night @ about midnight that he can use for displaying knives @ a show this weekend in Tennessee…he was up and out by 4:30am.  Four hours of uninterrupted sleep just doesn’t work for me.

Unfortunately, I’m still in a fog!

Becky & Holly allowed me to snap a few pictures of their glittery confections to share with you.

{Becky is actually the cutie-patootie in this post wearing the pink tutu}

They work together and make-up a very talented team.  I truly enjoyed getting to know these gals this past weekend and look forward to more opportunities.

My booth was located across the way from Shari, with Pure Heart Soap, who designs these beautiful bars of soap.  They are layered with fun, cleansing goodness!

This one is my favorite!  It’s just possible that a little elf popped over and bought this for me for Christmas!   …we’ll just have to see

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