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Wondrous Wool!

100% woolAs I took my brisk walk this morning in a frosty field at 25°, I was thankful for the added layer of my thin lambswool sweater and and merino wool leggings that gave the perfect touch of warmth.

There is just nothing like wool.  So many of us say, “oh, I just don’t wear wool”, because of a few bad experiences with itchiness.  As I’ve worked with these same issues throughout the years, I’ve also found that they can be worked through and the benefits from wearing wool garments, in cold temps, has been worth the diligence.  There are a variety of  wools that can provide a soft, lush feel to the skin as well as a highly effective waterproof layer that is surprisingly easy to maintain and launder.

It only takes moments in a Google search to realize the diversity that wool offers.  To read about it’s background and versatile uses is simply fascinating.

I recently went to my local yarn shop where they provide an amazing selection.  Although I wasn’t able to find the exact yarn I was looking for, I still purchased 5 balls @ the painful price of $70.  As I began to work with it I realized that in order to finish my project I was going to need yet another ball.  I ripped that out ~ went on-line ~ found yarncountry.com {from WA state…yay!}~ purchased 15 (yes 15) balls of the exact yarn that I was looking for, in a variety of colors ~ spent $95.25 (for 15) with the satisfying result of…. I’m a happy {busy} knitter! ~ 100%, non-washable wool is most definitely my favorite thing to work with.

The two baskets in the picture are very, very old hand-woven, Indian baskets that belong to my dear hubby.  He knows the value that is attached to these so he will pick them up here and there as he sees them for a good price.

hand-woven Indian basket

Here is another one that I admittedly absconded with several years ago…it’s my favorite one


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the bountythe ‘girls’ have really been crankin’ out the booty ~ I have 7 layers and I’m getting 4-5 eggs a day right now…all different sizes and colors


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the cutest little critters…

grandma's blessingsCan you imagine being a grandma to these three cute little faces.  She certainly is blessed!

These pictures were taken by Horizon Photo.  Custom charms are so fun to work with,especially when the faces are bright and beautiful and the photography is done so well.

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gift tagsYesterday’s show was enjoyable…all of of the people there were fun, friendly and so enjoyable to work with…and I got a lot of knitting done!

charms ~ little cutiesThese charms measure ½” square and can be worn alone {$15} or suspended in a silver circle {$20}.

charms ~ little cutiesI really love them and the young girls were going crazy over these.

sprinklesThese ‘sprinkle jars’ are ever so cute!

booth pic


charmsThe next time I set up will be for A Vintage Christmas which will be held at Spokane’s Northtown Mall

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Two fun new aprons…

vintage{y}apronIt’s early, early (5:30) and I’m getting ready to leave for the little show that I’ve signed up to do today!

I love both of these aprons and they are going with me.


They both have well-used carpenter’s aprons worked into them…

vintage{y}apron…they just add so much character!


vintage{y}apronThis one is definitely a favorite!!!

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felted tote

purse from felted wool sweaterI made a fun little bag from an old wool sweater that I felted.

purseThe handle is made from a vintage barkcloth drape – the trim around the top came from a linen dress with little blue embroidered flowers.

flowerThis is my first attempt at a ‘linen flower’ but in this case I should call it a barkcloth flower…just doesn’t have the same ring though.

purse from felted wool sweaterI’m going to be doing a ‘show’ on Saturday that is north of Spokane.  Here’s a link to an article that was written about it.   If you live in the area come see me.  This link will give you the information that you need.

Vintage Finds and Handmade Treasures Market

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An Apron Creation

vintage{y}apronI made this apron using an old drape that has fresh, beautiful fall{ish} colors in it.



vintage{y}apronMy giant owl necklace compliments it nicely!  😉

pot holderThere is an ever-so-handy potholder sewn into the bottom of it…on the right hand side.

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sugar, sugar…

shopping bag

This is an interesting post for me since I’ve been off of sugar (w/the exception of a few candy corn here and there) for the past couple of weeks (& feeling sensational I might add).  The fact that we’ve consumed 25 lbs. in a short time, shows my ♥love♥ of sugar…and all of that sweet goodness didn’t just go to church potlucks!

So here we have a sugar bag transformed to…shopping bag.

shopping bagI saw a Safeway bag this week that had this extra set of ‘quick-grab’ handles on it, so I decided to try that idea here.

shopping bagThere just isn’t much else we can do in this house with size 1 Roxy jeans…at least here, inside the bag, we can use them for the extra pocket space.

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wool warmth…

wool yarnI recently purchased 5 balls of this fine wool yarn, in some of my favorite colors, at a thrift store.  Teaming them up with my wool winder makes these balls of yarns ready and waiting to be knitted into yet another warm and toasty delight!

Natural fibers are always my first preference when knitting!…wool being my favorite♥

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…ya ~ a little!

slippersThese pictures just don’t do ‘it’ for me like the majority of my ‘fun’ pics do…but I still like showing what I’m up to.

Felted Slippers…they definitely have the homespun look! ~ and, they are oh, so cozy!

knitted/felted slippersKnitting is one of those things that creates a soothing balm for my mind…

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