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Chic Rustique

I love learning new things about me.

Actually, it’s more like…putting together the pieces that were already there.

As I was recently shopping for burlap I was also compelled to put something beautiful and shimmery with it.

Working with this project I decided that so much of my life is like that…rustic beauty .  It’s what I’m drawn to the most {in fact, when Mr T brought me the beautiful pink roses last night I went and grabbed an old oil can for the vase}.

So I had to give it a name.

I was recently asked on a vendor application what my style was.  I wasn’t really sure…in fact, I checked several boxes.  Now I can say that I’m ‘Chic Rustique’.

Even though I put quite a bit of time giving a name to my new-founded style, it doesn’t take long in a Google search to realize that I’m certainly not the first one but it still feels unique to me….uniquely chic rustique!

I have loved working on these Christmas Stockings that were completely inspired by Karoline.  She often tickles a creative nerve in me with the sweet goodness that she shares on her blog.

November 20, 2009 Posted by | Christmas, sewing | 3 Comments