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Custom charms…

These pictures show both sides of three different charms that were thoughtfully designed by Pat.

Now is the time to think about your own custom charms for Christmas gifts…it’s not too late.  Each 2-sided charm will cost $20 ~ oh my, such a bargain!  😉

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Oh my…

I just typed 11.25.09…is it true???   Is it really the 25th?

Oh my…that only means one thing.  I’m sure that you are way ahead of me on this one…

Oh well…at least I’m working away…

I’ll write more on these later {when they’re finished}♥

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I need to move beyond stockings…

I thought I was done with stockings and then I came up with a different idea.

These came out nothing like my ‘idea’ but they are fun {and that ‘idea’ is still rattling around up there…}.

The cuff on this one was made with ½ of a vintage linen napkin.

When I started this one I was planning to use the other half of the napkin but this just seemed to ‘fit’ better.

And, with the addition of a nicely-aged, red velvet button, it’s ready to go.

I designed a tag that I’ll just use @ my {one, so far} Christmas Show, A Vintage Christmas!

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A friend for all seasons…

Amber gave me my {somewhat} belated birthday gift this past week while I was visiting her.

She hand-pieced this sweet and very personal cuff for me.  It’s beautiful and so thoughtful…we have, indeed, been friends through many seasons…

…seasons that go beyond; spring, summer, autumn, winter!

I love late birthday gifts and I love friends!!!

I finished my Christmas stockings.  I added a “JOY” tag to each one and it just gives them that ‘finished’ look that I needed to see.

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just a few more blessings…

Here is another variation of the Christmas Stockings that I wrote about yesterday…I really like this one!

On a different note…today I celebrate 23 years of being a mom…½ my life!

What an interesting thought…it’s a thought that prods me to reminisce a bit.  I can honestly say that from my earliest recollection, all I ever wanted to be was a mom.  I absolutely couldn’t wait.  Then I jumped in.  When Andrew was 9 mos.  {and seeming like such a big boy}, Lauren was on the way….then about 4 years later, Elizabeth.  There really wasn’t any time to think…I just did…and did…and went…and did some more….   Now I can see how my life was redefined on November 21st ♥ 1986…it took on new meaning.  I didn’t really realize then that I would never be the same.  I truly believe that once we are gifted with the title ‘Mom’, God begins to dole out His ‘mom blessings’…the blessings that He saves just for moms!   He begins to change us and gift us as He sees fit.  I’m so thankful {& a bit overwhelmed} with His generosity!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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Chic Rustique

I love learning new things about me.

Actually, it’s more like…putting together the pieces that were already there.

As I was recently shopping for burlap I was also compelled to put something beautiful and shimmery with it.

Working with this project I decided that so much of my life is like that…rustic beauty .  It’s what I’m drawn to the most {in fact, when Mr T brought me the beautiful pink roses last night I went and grabbed an old oil can for the vase}.

So I had to give it a name.

I was recently asked on a vendor application what my style was.  I wasn’t really sure…in fact, I checked several boxes.  Now I can say that I’m ‘Chic Rustique’.

Even though I put quite a bit of time giving a name to my new-founded style, it doesn’t take long in a Google search to realize that I’m certainly not the first one but it still feels unique to me….uniquely chic rustique!

I have loved working on these Christmas Stockings that were completely inspired by Karoline.  She often tickles a creative nerve in me with the sweet goodness that she shares on her blog.

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I have spent 3 ½ days away from home, in and around the BIG {rainy} city.  It has been wonderful, fulfilling, over-stimulating and, best of all, it makes me love my home all the more.

I have loved catching up with dear friends, shopping, eating and relaxing but, as Jane Austen so wonderfully puts it…”There is no place like home for real comfort”.

I came home with a sense of accomplishment as I was able to share in some much-needed gf time as well as replenish and add to {my stash/stuff/junque}…with the help of:

Goodwill {2 times}

JoAnn Fabrics

Ben Franklin Crafts

Paper Zone {Yay, oh Yay! for Paper Zone}

Anthropology {2 times ~ O!M!Goodness!, how I love this store}


…and more…

oh ya, and we took care of important business…my girl now has her new florescent-yellow, glow-in-the-dark, retainer!   {not sure how that works…who is in there to see the yellow glow?}

Amber and her family so graciously hosted me {and my girl} in there sweet, new-to-them home where they have beautifully carved out a little piece of country.  Her enviable barn is the one in the picture.

I’m so, so, SO excited to spend a day at home where it is quiet and the snow is falling heavy and steady and I’m feeling warm and toasty and inspired {with a bit of giddiness…oh my, what can a girl do with that?}!

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new table

I’ve been working on a new dining room set.  Last year I found an old oak worktable (possibly from a school?) for $20 and I just couldn’t leave it but I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  I decided that I would love to try it out in my dining room but it needed more…chairs.  I had a friend build me some benches then w/in a week or so I found four wonderful chairs at a garage sale.

After several layers of paint then some sanding, (it still needs more distressing and a layer of brown paste wax) I can tell that I’m going to love it.  It’s not quite as practical for a large meal because of how narrow it is but we will make it work.

new table

Last night my girl had the girls in her youth group over for a sleep-over.  It was fun to plan a special breakfast for them and use my table for the first time.

Libby's friends

Sir Eli

Mr. Eli doesn’t make ‘the blog’ very often so it’s unusual for him to make it two days in a row but my niece captured this sweet shot of him this morning so I’m sharing it with you.

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Scrabble anyone???



it looks like Eli has found a 'playing' partner

it's time to play

November 13, 2009With a day that looks like this, it makes me feel like Christmas is ‘fast’ approaching…and it is!

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