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Fullness of Joy!

Yesterday was such a full day, I just have to share about it here…


Ooooo…looky, looky…there’s that magnificent bag that’s being given away….yes, you caught me.  I used it!

I was asked to speak to a group of young moms at a local church.   Wow!  What a fun opportunity and awesome responsibility.  I would in no way consider myself a public speaker but when I feel passionate about so many of the topics that concern these gals, it seems that the barriers that I put up that make it difficult to speak just melt away.   Plus, their ‘topic’ of the day was aprons.   Oh ya…right up my alley!

momsI believe {with all my ♥} that moms who are raising kids to know and love God are one of His greatest blessings.  I also believe that He generously gives His blessings and unique, creative gifts to these women.

As I spoke and interacted with these gals…I was the one that was blessed!

leaving a chalkboard unattended is just too tempting for some....

leaving a chalkboard unattended is just too tempting for some....

Actually, my day turned into a double blessing!!!  I met my sweet friend Rolane…who does the Vintage Barn Sale @ Chaps [\ˈshaps\] in S. Spokane.  We had a very nice visit and it was also payday for me.  She took my ‘wares’ to Ohio for the Country Living Fair.  She gets so slammed at that show and I love it that she loves sharing my things with those shoppers as well.  That show does really well for me…and I don’t have to go…set up…tear down…you get the picture.  Although, truth be told, I would really love to go some year.

While waiting for Rolane, I had a nice, long visit with Celeste, the restaurant owner.  This gal is such a sweet one.  She is also an encourager.  I felt like she just poured some goodness into my life during that visit.  To be honest, I get this even by just sitting in her ‘house’…I guess it was doubled (ooo…there’s that double blessing again) sitting in her ‘house’ with her.  Thanks, Celeste, for giving me some of your time…

Here are a few pictures from the inside, but notice in the above picture the new construction.  She is adding a bakery which will include some additional seating.  Everything she touches just turns ‘beautiful’!..can’t wait to see it.

watch out, Mr T, I think I want to paint EVERYTHING!

watch out, Mr T, I think I want to paint EVERYTHING!


chaps…and lastly…

ElizabethOur sweet girl, Elizabeth, was on the Homecoming Court @ the football game.  She didn’t win the title ‘princess’ but I know it was a fun evening for her.  She loves to be in the spotlight and she shines well.  She was stunning and beautiful…especially with her dusty, red cowboy boots on.  I love this girl.  She makes me smile everyday.

I love seeing her grow as her faith in God grows.

Today promises to be a quieter day for this country girl who has found a deep ♥love♥  in just staying home.  One of the things that I was challenged by yesterday though is that I really do need to get out more.  I need to be involved more in the lives of others…and I need to find meaningful ways to do that.

That would {equally} be a great challenge for you too!

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