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Embracing Fall!

garden chowderThis was the perfect soup to make for my first-soup-of-the-season soup.  I was able to go to the garden and rummage through for just the right ingredients to make the most perfect and satisfying combination.  Mr T even seemed to whole-heartedly agree on this one.

I added some fresh (peeled) tomatoes and a bit of sage along with a sprinkling of our favorite kitchen ingredient…

Lawry's Garlic Saltfresh from the gardenI have been really mourning the loss of my garden due to freezing temperatures each night.  But, I just picked all of this about 10 minutes ago, so you can see that there is still some goodness to be had.

I encourage you to try this recipe even if it means going to the store {or your local farmer’s market} to pick up your fresh ingredients.  I can’t wait to have left-overs for lunch with the fresh whole wheat bread that I made to go with it.

I’ve taken this recipe out of a cookbook that I’ve had for 15+ years and I love it.  I also have the book shown (in the link), Heart and Soul…love it.  I see there  is a third that I should probably pick up…

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