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More MaryJane fun…

MaryJanes Sisterhood charmI’ve been working with MaryJane on a charm that would be designed as one that is custom-made for the gals who are members of the farmgirl sisterhood.

We’ve finished the design and the prototype.  Now that it’s listed on her website and the ‘sisters’ have been informed, they are keeping my printer, fingers and soldering iron smoking…

I’ve had an opportunity a few times recently to mention how much I admire this gal but now, having a chance to work with her 1st-hand, I have to say that I’m even more impressed with her and her network of people.  I’ve dealt with several of them throughout this process and they have only worked diligently and efficiently with each step…

…now it’s my turn to come through.

October 2, 2009 Posted by | farmgirl style, Mary Jane's Farm, soldered charms | 8 Comments



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