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happy birthdayI’m celebrating two years of blogging.

It’s hard to describe the experience that it has been for me.

I began through the encouragement of a friend…not even knowing what a blog was.  I had established a name for a business but I didn’t see blogging as something that was an enhancement for my business so I didn’t choose that name {Vintage Charm} for my blog.  I started blogging so I could participate in a new community, where I could show the creative things that I put my hands to.

I’ve been surprised.

It has enhanced my business…it’s been a perfect compliment.

I’ve made new friends.

I’ve become a part of and have loved this community where friends gather.

I’ve also truly enjoyed what you have added this month with your own participation .  Part of it, I’m sure, is due to the give-a-way that I’m having, but the comments have been so wonderful and encouraging to me and I would love to say, “keep ’em coming!”

winnerWe do have a winner!  I had my sweet girl pick a # between 1 & 94 (wow! that’s a lot of comments for me).  Her favorite # is 44 but that # was her dad (oops!) so she cut that in half ~ that makes #22 the winner…Vintage Bethie…who doesn’t, as of yet, have a blog.

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my dad's new toyMy dad purchased a new toy (an excavator) and had it delivered today.  It’s a great compliment to the CAT that he has as he and my brother dig the cattails out of our pond.  I’m so excited…the cattails take over and mask its beauty.

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Vinyl Collage Tote

vinyl collage toteHere is a fun tote created with canvas and magazine clippings ~ then topped with clear vinyl.

vinyl collage toteI’ve made a few of these one-of-a-kind creations before.    •onetwothree

vinyl collage toteA conversation regarding them came up @ a local quilt ship last week and the owner asked me if I would consider teaching a class.

vinyl collage toteI said, “yes!” and here is my class sample.

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the shrine of the 1st egg

1st eggI was heading ‘out’ this morning and running late.  There seemed to be a ‘different’ sound coming from the chicken house.  I said to Mr T, “could you check on the the girls, they seem to be speaking a different language this morning”.

Well, truth be told, we all {gals} speak a little different language when we are giving birth (and I can’t imagine doing that once every, single day).

Yes…yes, we do have our first egg.

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Fall beauty & new creations!

stunning fallThe beauty that I woke up to this morning nearly made me gasp.  It’s possible that waking up when it’s daylight helped to frame my morning better than my average waking-up-when-it’s-pitch-black ‘normal’.  Someday my ‘picture taking’ skills will improve enough to actually capture the beauty of the scenery that surrounds me!

new creationsHere’s a fun creation that journeyed from mind to reality!  I really like it…a lot!  With some ‘time’ I could make…well, 60 of them because that’s how many silver rings that I have.

But for now I’ll relish in my one-of-a-kind ‘E’…for Elaine.

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in the woods

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An apron for Kayla ~

vintage{y} apronMichelle asked me to make an apron for her daughter (who this past summer celebrated her 1st year of marriage).  I tried to make a couple for her but it just didn’t hit her fancy spot.

vintage{y} apronThen she had the wonderful idea of sending me a table cloth that belonged to her grandmother to use as the base.

vintage{y} apronIt was challenging for me to find the right elements to compliment the colors in the tablecloth but I finally found some pieces that I felt worked well together.

vintage{y} apron

vintage{y} apron

vintage{y} apron

save the date

I made this charm for Michelle to give her daughter, Kayla, last year

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domestic vintage

I love everything about being domestic…keeper of my home.

truth be told, most days I really stink @ it, but I still ♥♥♥ it…I never lose hope that I’ll get better  😉

vintage ironing board…and surely you know that I really, really love all things vintage ~ so, to combine the two makes my heart soar…

Just look @ this ironing board.  It’s so old and has been well-loved.

vintage ironing boardThere is layer upon layer…the original still intact…and the original red paint looks like new!

vintage ironing boardThis handle, which is on the underside, is for releasing the legs for folding and easy storage!

vintage ironing boardThe original pad has this fun, green tie that runs through it to offer the necessary tension.

vintage ironing boardI purchase it from an elderly gal {$1}…it belonged to her mother.


libby smith

Oh my!  How did these get here?

They are in my shopping cart as I write and they are giving me fits (not kidding, my stomach is twirling)!!!!  Should I or Shouldn’t I????  I’ve been holding onto my birthday $ since August for the perfect pair.  I may have found them.

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Apron delight!

vintage{y} apronThis apron really turned out exquisite.

The vintage cotton piece that I used for the main body of the apron was beautiful, pristine and nice to work with.

vintage{y} apronAnd, the vintage hand work that I sewed into this apron is simply stunning!

vintage{y} apronThe front pocket was made from the delicately crocheted edge of a pillow case.

vintage{y} apronI added some pleats to the bib for an interesting detail.

vintage{y} apron

For the tie, I cut a strip from a beautiful, vintage table cloth that seems to pull all of the elements together nicely.

I’m tempted to keep this one!

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Oh my!  Look what Mr T bought me today!

Oh my! Look what Mr T bought me today!

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vintage{y} apronIf you’re a regular here, you’ve noticed that I love apron creations made from vintage assortments.

vintage{y} apronI call them vintage{y} aprons.  Which fits them so well but I worry about it sounding a bit quirky (I would be interested in your thought on this).  The title I give it here has, up to now, had no importance because I am quirky…I encourage quirky…it’s a safe place to be quirky…

IMGvintage{y} apronBut, now it’s changed just a bit.  Remember when I submitted an apron to Apron•ology?

vintage{y} apronThey informed me last week that I will be featured (not sure what that means) in their next issue…on the shelves for February.  This makes me excited (can you hear the shrill shrieks in my words?).

vintage{y} apronSo, now I basically have to write the article that will go with it and give my ‘creations’ a name.

Vintage{y} Apron?…maybe

but they would have to use the pretty brackets not the boring ones! ( )

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