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Mexican Sour Gherkin

Mr T. ordered a [bunch] of heirloom garden seed last spring so, come planting time, I planted it {it’s just one of the little ways that I demonstrate submissiveness}. 🙂

cucumber?I’ve been really watching this little critter, which was planted on June 1st.  It seemed to take forever for the seeds to germinate.  I had given up on them completely when, one day, I noticed the tiniest, little leaves popping up out of the ground.  It’s been that way all along.




Edible?…not so sure

…but, there are literally hundreds of them!


The seed packet says, “Mexican Sour Gherkin”.  After reading up on it, it seems to go by many names.

Mexican Sour Gherkin

Measuring just under an inch, this one might be close to maturity.

September 21, 2009 Posted by | garden | 1 Comment