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Lovely Linen~

linen shoulder bagyesterday I was able to do some ‘fun’ sewing ~ I know, I know…there are a couple of projects that I should be working on but sometimes the want to’s just so easily rule out the have to’s… {sorry Amber}

linen shoulder bag

Mr T. and I were shopping in our favorite 2nd Hand store on Monday.  This is the store where I buy most of my ‘linens’ that I sew into my fun, vintage{y} aprons.  I noticed that the prices seems to be going up…so sad!…I even asked the owner and she confirmed it…so, so sad!!  Then I spotted this several-yard roll of 70’s gold/orange/green {which is continually ‘growing’ on me} and I just knew that it was nice and I needed it.  Poor Mr T. had this look of, “that’s not really going home with us”…then there was an audible confirmation of ‘the look’.  …poor, poor Mr T. ~ the things that he has to live with.

linen goodness

After removing the RED duct tape from from the roll of fabric, I read what was on the selvage and noticed that it was imported linen.  Oh my!  The feel and the look of this linen is spectacular.  It was so wonderful to work with and I need to put it to work in a fun variety of ways….

The more I sew with vintage fabrics I notice that linen is a favorite and it comes in such a variety of weights and textures.  It almost makes me get a bit giddy when I work with it.  Any seasoned seamstress knows exactly what I’m talking about.   Don’t you????  I need some validation here when I get a little crazy-in-the head.


September 17, 2009 Posted by | glorious fabric, sewing, vintage | 3 Comments