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from the land to the table…

Mr. FattyI picked up my first chickens this past spring…actually, I think I got them on May 28th.  It became quickly apparent that the rooster I had specifically ordered to ‘accompany’ my hens had something wrong with him.

As I would ask others who knew more about these birds than I…I discovered that he was indeed a ‘fryer’.  Now, you have to understand that a ‘fryer’ is bred to be eaten, therefore, it will grow very fast in an unhealthy sort of way and cannot lead a normal, healthy, happy life {which is what I am trying to give my chickens in every possible way}…

chicken coop…thus, the beautiful ‘home’ that I had made just for them.

Mr. Fatty

BUT…poor Mr. Fatty really didn’t have very many options.   SO, being the type of person that I am…

~desiring to live a simpler life

~desiring to live off of the land

~desiring to be practical in every possible way…

[if you have a week stomach you may need to exit now…jk]

..to the table

…I did what had to be done {w/a bit of moral support}.

off the land

fresh from the garden: coleslaw, potatoes, squash, gr. beans, tomato, cucumber, gr. pepper, strawberry jam {made that day} and whole-wheat bread made with fresh-ground wheat * {hot} apple pie with fresh apples from the orchard

All of our meals have been completely out of our garden with the addition of a meat so, to me, this was the perfect meal.  Everything was completely fresh and wonderful.

*I’m sorry if this post was a bit disturbing to you but I tried to approach it as delicately as I could and for those of us who enjoy eating our ‘meat’, if we only knew what was involved in the feeding, raising and…yes, butchering of these animals we would all choose to raise our own when at all possible {this being my first attempt!}.

Now I think I’ll go make some charms…


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