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as busy as a bee…

I try so hard to keep variety going in my blog.  It makes me crazy when I get stuck in one area for too long…like now.  I’m not sewing or soldering right now which is so NOT good because I have a show coming up in a few short weeks.

gardenThe garden lures every sense right now.

It calms me!

It demands me!

It amazes me…

the honeybeeAll by herself, the honeybee can even accomplish all of that.  She is quite the amazing creature.

a pollen-laden honeybee

notice how this bee is so laden with pollen - her whole body is even speckled with it

Here is an excerpt from an article that I read this week from one of my favorite magazines, Countryside.

Honey takes tremendous energy to produce.  Manufactured by bees from the pollen of flowers, it is then stored in honeycombs as food reserve.  One-hundred-sixty-thousand bees make trips to two million flowers to gather the four pounds of nectar, which, on the way back to the hive they convert, by the reaction of various glands, into one pound of honey.  Without doubt this immense work by the bees gave birth to the phrase “as busy as a bee.”

All I can say to that is WOW!


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