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More Mary Jane…

I’ve mentioned here that I am a true friend, follower and supporter of Mary Jane’s Farm.  From the moment Amber introduced me to Mary Jane, through books and magazines, I became an immediate admirer.

Admirer: person who holds someone in high regard

devotee ~ enthusiast ~ fan ~ follower ~ groupie ~ patron ~ supporter

I was a country girl trapped in the city and the words that I read on Mary Jane’s pages always managed to feed my hungry, country-girl heart.  {now, I’m a happy country girl, forever living in the country!}

You can imagine my delight when Mary Jane’s son-in-law, Lucas, called me a couple of weeks ago requesting some charms for their Moscow, ID store.

farmgirl charms

country faire

kick up some...

enjoy life

kick up some...

country love

long and thin...

Imagine how even more thrilled I was {sorry Lucas} when Mary Jane {herself} called me this week to discuss some potential custom orders.  She is a delightful gal and I feel truly honored and blessed to work with her in any possible way.

mary jane and me

*apparently, in the next issue of Mary Janes Farm there will be a picture of me that was taken @ the vendor fair that I did on July 4th. …more to come on that one~

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I’m going to share a hi-light from her June/July issue:  There’s a story about a modern day milkmaid…  It goes on to say…”If you’ve ever had milkmaid fantasies, let Jenny’s story inspire you to go shopping for the cow…now!”   then you turn the page and @ the top it says:  “What did you get for your birthday?  For her 46th, Jenny got the gift of her dreams: a Jersey milk cow.”

Well,  I have had {and do have}  milkmaid fantasies and guess who’s really, super close to turning 46????   …coincidence???   …a sign????   …reality????   …probably not! 🙂  but one can always dream {and make one’s husband a bit crazy}


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