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Phenomena: an observable fact or event

the viewThere’s a phenomena in this area when the huckleberries begin to ripen.  People sneak around and speak in hushed secretive tones.

My sis-in-law invited me to join their group last night to pick huckleberries.  It’s a rare opportunity to be invited to the secret place where an abundance of berries might be found..and I didn’t even have to be blind-folded.

picking, picking, picking...

We did find that nice spot where we could pick for a couple of hours w/o moving around much.


huckleberriesMy first berries looked like this…

huckleberries…then Marc found this…with one finger to his mouth {in ‘shhhhh’ fashion} and the other finger quietly telling me to join him…

huckleberries…we picked until dark.

MarcMarcus is a competitive aggressive picker.

Marc's berriesHe, by far, out-picked everyone in the group with his gallon of berries in 2 hours.  I came away with ½ that.

kates and abbs…and his girls came away with less {in their buckets but plenty in their bellies}.

the viewWe picked in the area of Chewelah Peak, home to our beautiful ski resort 49° North.

{if I told you more, I might just have to kill you}

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