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They haven’t ‘flown the coop’ yet.

In fact, I still can’t seem to convince them to go outside during the day.chickens

When I went to check on the chickens tonight, it was fun to see 4 of them about 4 feet up on one of the roosts.  It looks like they are already working on a pecking order.  As they do this they will be fighting for the highest spot on the roost, which is 3-tiered.

Chickens do not sleep on the floor at night but instead on a roost or platform where they can huddle together at night.  When in the wild, they will choose a tree branch which is what we see the wild turkeys do.  It’s nice to see the babes are growing up and doing what they are suppose to do.  I’ll have to watch them so I don’t find one day that they have ‘flown the coop’!  😉

Yesterday I mentioned that we were having a centennial celebration in our community.  I wrote a post about it here, if you are interested.


June 28, 2009 - Posted by | chickens, my neck of the woods!, Uncategorized

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  1. Your blog is looking a little sorry comments-wise… Just thought I’d say that your teenage chickens are beginning to look like actual chickens 😉

    Hope you’re having fun with them!!

    Love you 🙂

    Comment by Lauren | June 30, 2009 | Reply

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