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Another walk…

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Fruitland Bible Camp

Since I have made this journey back to my homeland (This is the best link I could find – I didn’t write much about this journey on my own blog), it’s been fun to visit the places of my youth.  And, actually, I’m not just visiting them, they are becoming a part of me…again.


When my dad finished Bible school, this was the first church he pastored, it’s located on the grounds of Fruitland Bible Camp, and it’s the church where my mom’s whole family attended as they were growing up.  We lived on the campground as well.

Family Camp is going on right now so Mr T & I visited last night.  There are a lot of fun memories wrapped up in this place for me…good memories.

This is where our house use to be

This is where our house use to be....where the white fence is.

The above mentioned church is also the one that Mr T & I are currently pastoring, but in a different location.


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