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One must always have one’s boots on and be ready to go.

                                                                                                                                ~Michel de Montaigne

keep your boots on...

This  piece, with original collage work ,has been topped with a 3″ by 5″ bevel glass (w/the top corners cut off) then encased with a soldered edge.  It’s hanging in a genuine stirrup that I think may still have a tad bit of manure still on it.   {oops!}

future peas

Future sugar snap peas!

future peas

Rick & Laurie

I have used this completely adorable picture of my cousins in the collage work shown @ the top.  I wanted to show you a close-up of it here.

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They haven’t ‘flown the coop’ yet.

In fact, I still can’t seem to convince them to go outside during the day.chickens

When I went to check on the chickens tonight, it was fun to see 4 of them about 4 feet up on one of the roosts.  It looks like they are already working on a pecking order.  As they do this they will be fighting for the highest spot on the roost, which is 3-tiered.

Chickens do not sleep on the floor at night but instead on a roost or platform where they can huddle together at night.  When in the wild, they will choose a tree branch which is what we see the wild turkeys do.  It’s nice to see the babes are growing up and doing what they are suppose to do.  I’ll have to watch them so I don’t find one day that they have ‘flown the coop’!  😉

Yesterday I mentioned that we were having a centennial celebration in our community.  I wrote a post about it here, if you are interested.

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Centennial Celebration

Summit Valley School

Our community schoolhouse is celebrating 100 years today.

My great great grandparents moved to this area and homesteaded in 1896 so this schoolhouse has been a part of my family history for all of it’s 100 years.

I’m excited to celebrate today with my family and my community…

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Another walk…

Down Memory Lane…

Fruitland Bible Camp

Since I have made this journey back to my homeland (This is the best link I could find – I didn’t write much about this journey on my own blog), it’s been fun to visit the places of my youth.  And, actually, I’m not just visiting them, they are becoming a part of me…again.


When my dad finished Bible school, this was the first church he pastored, it’s located on the grounds of Fruitland Bible Camp, and it’s the church where my mom’s whole family attended as they were growing up.  We lived on the campground as well.

Family Camp is going on right now so Mr T & I visited last night.  There are a lot of fun memories wrapped up in this place for me…good memories.

This is where our house use to be

This is where our house use to be....where the white fence is.

The above mentioned church is also the one that Mr T & I are currently pastoring, but in a different location.

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Barn wood racks~


I made these racks for my last show and sold them for $35.

As I finished them up I packed them away and I neglected to do a post on them so today I took pictures of the ones that I have left.

barn wood sign

The frames were made from re-reclaimed barn wood.  My friend/neighbor makes garden gates from old barn wood (w/our tough winter we had a few barns in our community collapse).  I took his leftovers and made these frames (w/the help of my friend, Diane).

collage art in soldered frame

Each frame includes  a piece of original collage art that has been topped with a 2″x8″ bevel glass and then enclosed with a soldered frame.

collage art in soldered frame

collage art in soldered frame

collage art in soldered frame~.Θ.~

It was fun to see one of my aprons in this post yesterday.   Joy bought two aprons from me @ the Farm Chicks show.  Sweet, sweet gal.  I have been looking for my post where I originally wrote about it but when I couldn’t find it, it dawned on me that I never wrote one because I didn’t finish the apron.  This was one of the items that I put finishing touches on the night before the show.

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It’s always good to be home….

I’ve been MIA, A being key here – yesterday alone I put 540 miles on my car.

I had to assess my chickens first this morning.


All eleven are still there. 


I opened their little hatch door last week but they will not go outside on their own.  I tried to push them out today but they would only scatter.  I called them a ‘bunch of chickens’ and left them alone.



I picked a handful of strawberries for a smoothie.




The honeybees that were in our orchard last month are now on the raspberries…working their magic. 

May and June.  Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months in the garden year: cool, misty mornings gently burned away with a warming spring sun, followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights.  …it’s time for work to begin.                     – Peter Loewer

I officially kicked the kittens outside, food, water and even their litter box.  They seem to only be capable of naughtiness!
That black one is so hard to photograph – he’s so black!

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Here Birdy, birdy, birdy…

here birdy...

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Sprinkle your world with Love!


Yesterday I mentioned the “Pay It Forward” winners which meant that it was necessary to figure out what their prizes would be.

Sprinkle your world...

I’ve had this idea swimming around in my head for several days and it seemed to be the perfect gift for these gals when I added the words…sprinkle your world with love!

charm side one

charm side two

The back side of the charm will even make you smile.

I have an extra one that I’m going to put on etsy.

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passport holder

After reading this post, Miss Amber asked me if I would make a passport holder for her upcoming trip to Paris.  I said, “sure” (or something like that) with a hopeful confidence that I could actually do a little sewing.  Since today yesterday was my last possible day to finish it, I finished it.passport holder

I made it with a couple of vintage linen fabric samples.  The main fabric is such beautiful quality and for Amber’s sake I’ll mention that it came from the attic of Mrs. H.

passport holder

Speaking of Swappy Ladies ( I know I really wasn’t talking about that but the above mentioned link did), I received my gift (about a week and a half ago).

Mya's bird houseMya made an ever-so-fun birdhouse for me.  Customized with a poster from Mary Jane’s Farm Fair which is my next show.  It really is darling.



She also stitched up an adorable birdie!

birdie pillow

Fun stuff!  Thanks, Mya!

Jackie w/Kates & Abbs @ her shower

We had a fun bridal shower here last night for Jackie, my future D.I.L ~ beautiful girl inside and out.  She fell in love with the little B&W kittie.  The ‘feeling’ seemed mutual.

√ Unfinished Business

A couple of weeks ago I won a Pay It Forward gift and part of accepting that meant that I would award 3 gals with blogs a handmade gift and they would do the same and so on…  The first 3 to comment were:



Linda & Dixie

~ Be Blessed ~

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the German girl!

the German girl

My girl is in Germany for most of the summer.  I saw this postcard @ the Farm Chicks sale over the weekend and I couldn’t resist buying it for her.  I’ll save it for her here but this post is for her and she can have the card when she gets home!

She is excited because today she gets to tour the castle that was used for inspiration in Cinderella.

I miss you, sweet girl!

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