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Swappy Ladies!

Swappy Ladies charmLast spring Amber started a fun swap called ‘Swappy Ladies’.  We are now bringing our 3rd swap to a close.  I’m actually a couple of days late on getting mine mailed but, honestly, I haven’t been too disturbed by this.  It’s all good.  In fact, I added a bonus today because I saw this post this morning and thought, “I have to add one of those ~ it’s too perfect”.

“Why is it perfect?”, you ask.

Because…the guidelines of the swap go something like this:

We want to stick with the idea of reduce, reuse or recycle OR a hand crafted item..all of the floral orientation.
Meaning…you will provide your swap partner with ONE floralish item that has either been homespun by your sweet little self or has been purchased USED at a garage sale, thrift store, your Grandma’s house ect… Along with a spring verse, quote or a prettyish little spring story of your liking.

(Amber’s words exactly…I just centered it because I like it that way better and I added a dot (.) after ‘Meaning..” because I like it that way better ~ & I added a …. OK, to be honest…I don’t get to irritate Amber nearly as often as I used to because I now live 5½ hours from her. 😦 ~so I just had to take advantage of this opportunity. )

pillow case apronSo, back to the pillowcase apron – perfect, right?  Yes!  Made with a 70’s…maybe 80’s, floralish pillowcase from the thrift store.

charmI made a charm to fit with the floralish/homemade theme and these swaps are all about friendship {even though we often don’t know our partner} so I worked that in.

side 2 of charmSide 2 shows more florid fun.

a....uh, er...'thing'Then, I added a…er, uh…mmmm ~ ‘thing’.  Could be used for….uh…whatever.  It just fits the category so well.

Floralish, homespun by my sweet little self, and made with completely repurposed/found items.

purse 1)barkcloth from old drapes 2)red cordury from a jumper, purchased @ thrift store 3)remnant from burlap coffee bag 4)snaps & rick rack, thrifted…

♥ for the verse, quote or prettyish little…. ~I’m going to add the Lion Chaser’s Manifesto that I had in yesterday’s post.

This is going to Mya!  I don’t know much about Mya except that she’s a fighter, a survivor and she used to live in Hawaii (thus the usage of the beautiful floral barkcloth…very Hawaiian) and now lives in Texas.  I hope she enjoys!!!

May 18, 2009 - Posted by | aprons, bespoke design, craftiness, soldered charms, swap


  1. Mya will love her swap gift!, she is a very lucky girl, your charms and aprons are the best in the world!!
    God Bless

    Comment by jenny | May 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh Elaine!! How stinking cute!! (even if you did change my words) I want a bark cloth purse thingy..with a burlap pocket..Oh I’m just dying here!!

    Comment by Amber Rose | May 18, 2009 | Reply

  3. Elaine. I want to commision one of those wallets.
    Only I want a zipper instead of snaps. Ive been looking for years.
    Swappy Ladies:
    O NO… I missed this part:
    “Along with a spring verse, quote or a prettyish little spring story of your liking.”
    I wrote her a Nice Note about how much I liked her, Does this work?

    Comment by Wendy Girl | May 18, 2009 | Reply

  4. FUN bark cloth wallet thingy:) Love those!
    and the APRON! too cute!
    I forgot to take pics of my swappy gift( I guess I was too excited to give it to her) and the one I received is FAB!
    Looking forward to the next one!! 🙂

    Comment by LaTeDa Love | May 20, 2009 | Reply

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