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Chic{k} Portraits~


My chickie girls are in ~ plus one boy (hopefully, there’s only 1)!


They are so adorable!


They seem to want to huddle in the corner a lot ~ but only when I’m around.


The hopeful man-chick is the one with the orange feathers.


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moving forward and paying it forward….

cutting glass

It’s {past} time for me to get my{buns}self in gear and be productive for my upcoming shows (notice I added a few links to those shows @ the right).  I’m stressing out a bit about it and there is good reason for that.

Yesterday I set up a work space outside and cut about 1,000 pieces of glass and I plan to keep going from there…making charms….lots more charms!  I’m tempted to even lock myself into a cabin next week for a few days to increase my productivity.  🙂  Sounds quite nice, actually.  Hopefully you won’t see much of me here although my chicks come today so I’m quite certain that I won’t be able to resist posting some pics of them.


pay it forwardI won a ‘pay it forward’ over @ Deekie Belle Designs which means that 3 of you will have the opportunity to win a handmade item from me (w/o time constraints).  This will be given to the first three who leave a comment here and have a blog of their own. (this is probably a good time for me to admit that I’m not too much into awards where you have to tag several others with that same award but how can I resist an opportunity to give away something fun to 3 of YOU…not to mention I love the whole ‘pay it forward’ idea – it’s always a blessing to bless others!!!)

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IMG_1878-1My cousin and I visited the ranch where our grandparents lived while we were growing up.  The barn is the only building that is left but it’s still beautiful to me.  I spent a lot of time playing in that barn and the creek that runs near it.

The area where the house was is full of beautiful flowering trees and bushes and, of course, rhubarb ~ all a reflection of my grandmother’s love and devotion to her home and garden.

We shared a picnic lunch there and remembered.

this road was named after my grandparents

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A time for family…

family picnic

Yesterday was a perfect day with family!


I totally made these guys pose for this pic.

I think that they really liked doing that for me…

The next three pictures were taken when a couple of the {older} girls started playing with my camera…


dandelion gone to seed

by the pond

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Summit Valley CemeteryI just returned a bit ago from the cemetery where my grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents’ bodies were laid to rest.   – mine will go there someday as well.

g&g BoweVisiting this one lends itself to some pretty fresh emotion for me.  I can see that my grandma’s ‘resting’ date needs to be added.

my greats!

the outhousesIt’s always good for me to remember that some business is better taken care of before I go visit my little cemetery in the Valley.

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God Bless America

I’m getting things ready for a family picnic that will be here on Monday.  (sorry Mom ~ we’ll miss you both!!!!).

flag repair

There were a few casualties throughout the past year after we acquired this sweet, lovable, and might I add, completely adorable creature.

Some of those losses made me want to cry…but I never did!!!

flag repair

One of those above mentioned times was after the 4th of July!  ~at least it wasn’t a complete loss, but I honestly thought that I wouldn’t ever get around to repairing my beautiful, huge, garage-sale-of-a find, American Flag.

Old Glory!Today was that day.  I did it.  It’s not professional but from a distance it’s not too bad.

And I feel so much better now!

CashSo does Cash !  😉

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Buzz & Blossoms~

apple tree blooms

Our fruit trees are beginning to blossom right now.

apple tree blooms

They are fresh, beautiful and fragrant.

plum tree blooms

apple blossom w/bee

apple blossom w/bee

strawberry blooms

tiny butterfly

forget-me-knotsI will never tire of the sites and sounds of the honeybee…

especially since she so tirelessly works away in my garden.  Pollinating as she goes ~ helping it to survive as she fights for her own life.

The USDA estimates that insect-pollinated plants (fruits, nuts, soybeans, and vegetables) account for one-third of our diet, and honeybees do approximately 80% of the work.  The honeybee’s efforts add $15 billion in crop value (Go! Washington apples!)

If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have not more than four years to live.

~Albert Einstein

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Coffee for Two!

for two...I’m waiting for a friend to arrive.

We’ve been friends since we were about 6 yrs. old….best friends.

Life has taken us in so many directions.  We’ve always been friends although our connections have been loose.

We’re working a little harder at strengthening those ties ~ we live closer to each other again ~ that makes it so much easier.

Today we’ll celebrate our friendship and life.  There isn’t a coffee shop around the corner or 50 corners for that matter, so the next best thing is setting up a comfy spot here on the home front.  It will be perfect for us.  Intimate, quiet – looking out over the pond and a yard full of beautiful yellow blooms.  {dandelions!} 😉

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What’s all the buzz about???


This little guy was so aggressive when I was refilling the feeders.  He was kind of freaking me out.  That giant-mosquito buzz right around my head causes me to duck and shriek…a lot!


He had such a beautiful purple neck!

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Swappy Ladies!

Swappy Ladies charmLast spring Amber started a fun swap called ‘Swappy Ladies’.  We are now bringing our 3rd swap to a close.  I’m actually a couple of days late on getting mine mailed but, honestly, I haven’t been too disturbed by this.  It’s all good.  In fact, I added a bonus today because I saw this post this morning and thought, “I have to add one of those ~ it’s too perfect”.

“Why is it perfect?”, you ask.

Because…the guidelines of the swap go something like this:

We want to stick with the idea of reduce, reuse or recycle OR a hand crafted item..all of the floral orientation.
Meaning…you will provide your swap partner with ONE floralish item that has either been homespun by your sweet little self or has been purchased USED at a garage sale, thrift store, your Grandma’s house ect… Along with a spring verse, quote or a prettyish little spring story of your liking.

(Amber’s words exactly…I just centered it because I like it that way better and I added a dot (.) after ‘Meaning..” because I like it that way better ~ & I added a …. OK, to be honest…I don’t get to irritate Amber nearly as often as I used to because I now live 5½ hours from her. 😦 ~so I just had to take advantage of this opportunity. )

pillow case apronSo, back to the pillowcase apron – perfect, right?  Yes!  Made with a 70’s…maybe 80’s, floralish pillowcase from the thrift store.

charmI made a charm to fit with the floralish/homemade theme and these swaps are all about friendship {even though we often don’t know our partner} so I worked that in.

side 2 of charmSide 2 shows more florid fun.

a....uh, er...'thing'Then, I added a…er, uh…mmmm ~ ‘thing’.  Could be used for….uh…whatever.  It just fits the category so well.

Floralish, homespun by my sweet little self, and made with completely repurposed/found items.

purse 1)barkcloth from old drapes 2)red cordury from a jumper, purchased @ thrift store 3)remnant from burlap coffee bag 4)snaps & rick rack, thrifted…

♥ for the verse, quote or prettyish little…. ~I’m going to add the Lion Chaser’s Manifesto that I had in yesterday’s post.

This is going to Mya!  I don’t know much about Mya except that she’s a fighter, a survivor and she used to live in Hawaii (thus the usage of the beautiful floral barkcloth…very Hawaiian) and now lives in Texas.  I hope she enjoys!!!

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