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ducks on my pond

I’ve been away from home for a few days.  Although it was wonderful to be with hundreds of other pastors and their wives, it’s also somewhat exhausting for me.  When I’ve been away it seems to take me a bit to find my groove but as soon as I hit the ‘home-soil’ I begin to feel the refreshment come my way.

It’s a different kind of refreshment, a refreshment that’s hard for me to explain.  Oh, I felt refreshed while I was away.  Refreshed with God’s grace and love.  Refreshed with the rekindling of old friends, literally hundreds of friends.

Both types of refreshment bring exhilaration and stimulation!

But, when I’m away from home, I find a longing to return… – Honestly, never in my whole life have I struggled with being homesick.  I’ve always wanted to go…go…go.  Now though, I just want to STAY!  I must admit that I prefer this calming sense that I feel when I’m at home.  It too is one that’s hard to describe.

ducks on my pondI took these ‘ducks on my pond’ pictures last week.   – while I was gone,  I just kept thinking them.

Quite a few months ago I got a new-for-me camera – a Canon 10D.  I really love it but have been {kind of} content to just use it with it’s auto setting because I haven’t wanted to tackle the manual (which now I can’t find 😦 ).  As I was taking these duck pictures I kept thinking, “Surely I can do better!”  So I flipped  this and rotated that and gave it a ‘try’.  I absolutely don’t know anything about what I’m doing but I just have to show you the picture that I took just before the above picture.

'dead' ducks on the pond

just plain old 'auto' setting

'alive' ducks on the pond

'manual' setting with no knowledge of what I'm doing

Can we say together, boys and girls, “Night and Day!”?

Is that a convincer, or what?  It just adds so much ‘life’.  It makes me realize what I could do if I would read that manual.

Really! It’s time!!!

April 30, 2009 Posted by | home life, my neck of the woods! | 2 Comments